Learning my fourth foreign language.

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    nice i study japanese
  2. Can anyone recommend a language learning forum that actually works?

    I used to be on the HTLAL forum, which was good, but nowadays it's basically inactive and replaced by another one which won't let me sign up because there's something wrong with the site. I tried another site, Linguaholic, and I've been "awaiting approval" for two or three days.
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    I wish I knew any good forums, but part of me suspects that language learning is slowly drifting to discord:

    Meaning, there are still plenty of good sites providing resources, like grammer lists and rules, but to learn a language you need to talk in it: And most people (in my experience) go to discord to hold those conversations.

    Of course, this is from what I have seen, studying a niche language that will get nearly no real-world use. I don't know if learning a more common language, like Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, ext. is drastically different. It's just my two cents, but perhaps you can trawl through various language learning discord servers, and see what they have to say.
  4. Thanks for letting me know about discord servers, which I didn't really know anything about before. However, they seem like a chat room / Skype type of thing and I've given up all forms of online chat because they were a part of my PMO addiction.

    Wow, I don't believe it. I've just managed to log in to one of those sites I was talking about. If you google "language learners forum" it's the first one that appears. I'll avoid talking about it too much in case I'm accused of spamming or something. That's cool though.
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    From my experience, it is best to learn a language that you can practice. It is best to practice with people who don't speak your native language. If they speak your native language, you will end up speaking in your native language instead because it is easier. If you are in the USA, Spanish is the obvious choice. It is a relatively easy and logical language. There are lots of Hispanic immigrants here who dont speak English well, so there are lots of people all over to practice with, and there are lots of nearby Spanish speaking countries to visit. There are Spanish language TV and radio stations here too.
    Don't waste your time learning a language you can't use. I studied French all through school and I still can't speak it. I speak Spanish fluently, because I am surrounded by it.
  6. idk that practicality of fluency, but i've been doing the free app "Duolingo" and started spanish. What's easiest depends on your ative language. I'm american so i speak english, therefore spanish is fairly easier than, say chinese or russian. It makes it easy to track progress and it makes it fun to study spanish. The only thing is idk how long until i can be fluent i speking& listening. Bu you can learn words visually easily

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