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  1. Hear me out. This is my first post, today found out this nofap. I'm porn/masturbation addict and also I just used check my phone if girls send me something, you know some naughty. That really became problem and when I was driving kept checking my phone and every place. I hate how much time it did consume me to check it all the time. Now I'm happy to say, I removed all social media and blocked all naughty websites. I'm starting my new life for good.. My awesome job is starting next week I got to be focused.
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    Welcome to nofap.
    Good luck in your journey.
  3. Hello there... :)
    Welcome to the community :)

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  4. Thank you, is your streak true. Legend!
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  5. Yes sir! It sure is. And no, I am no different than 100s of other people who mastered their urges and bettered their lives. :)

    We all started with day one, after all. :)
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  6. One day or day one! Haha, I choose latter. I just want to be better myself, I started today my own journey.
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  7. Welcome to NoFap!!!
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    Good Luck Brother
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    Hello. Very new here where do we find yr streak and also. I've set my counter but it doesn't show how many days I've been without pmo
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  10. You can see people's streaks below their post, or messages (when running nofap on a PC/laptop, and on mobile just rotate your screen to read the forums like you would do to watch a movie). Or you can open a user's profile page and view their personal information tab and scroll down.

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