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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by WholeHeartedly, Nov 14, 2015.

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    My name is Michael and I have been a member for a year, reading but never posting. I guess I never knew what to say but here goes.

    I am 30 years old and married to an incredible woman. I have struggled with PMO addiction for as long as I can remember. I guess I never could say where the interest finished and the addiction started, I just knew that 4 years ago, when I first decided to stop, I realised I couldn't.

    I have been "trying" on and off for years to quit but in reality I've probably only put in real effort to stop around 5 times. Like I'll do 6 days easily but then whenever it got hard I'd just give in. I don't like fighting, being anxious and feeling horrible so there are very few times I have really tried to face when it really gets hard.

    This is one of those times and it's been rough. I'm 16 days in. The first week was okay, the second week was like an anxiety/depression filled torture chamber and coming into the third week it just feels worse. Last night I had the most vivid P dreams and therefore today has been an horrendous struggle. In fact, every time I have these dreams it has resulted in me failing that same day but I'm determined not to today. My head is throbbing from stress and my anxiety is pretty bad but I want to see what's on the other side of the hill this time.

    My best ever without PMO is 22 days. My goal is to beat that and go all of November. I started on 30th October. I want to say all of you going through this are crazy strong because it is hard and I also want to ask for any support and advice you can give someone who is used to giving up for fear of fighting pain and anxiety.

    Thank You
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    WE will be with you, struggling but we will win! Did you get already an accountability partner? That's very helpful!
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    Hi @idontknow! welcome to the NoFap family :) Well if you read and post regularly enough, you will transform from idontknow to iknow! I can imagine the struggle of fighting against the urges and the 'cold turkey' symptoms you are going through make it rly tough and tempting. Perhaps, we are SO used to using P as a drug that once u remove those stimulations our brain gets 'hungry and desperate' for it and as such the symptoms arise.

    I would recommend that you post on the forum whenever u feel the urge. Personally, it has helped me tremendously. I feel that I am accountable to the community at large and to myself to push on. Take cold showers, meditate, do some heavy lifting at the gym, spend quiet time with your beautiful wife -- these are healthier activities to take our minds off that drug (that poisons more than it benefits).

    You can find the strength within you to control your mind and focus that powerful mental energy into doing something constructive/productive. You can do it! :)
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    Thank You both for your amazing responses. It really made my day to know I'm not going through this alone. :)
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    We are here with you man!! I'm married and 31... Been addicted for years... But we can beat this!!

    Reach out if u need any support man
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    Thanks heaps!
    Hope you're going well with it.
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