Looking at the key of a relapse on a smaller interval

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    We are all familiar with the common tips for NoFap and succeeding on it. The core however seems often overlooked.

    What I now see almost only in the nofap community is people talking motivating to each other and from thereon hoping it will go better next time. And not much delving deep into it. There is much in the form of general motivation such as goals and benefits.

    And the latter is of course a good element of it to keep sharing and effective as a form of support.

    But what also should be examined is the moment when it still does go wrong. Sometimes there are cases where you were really going good for many days and really committed to it and motivated.

    So a lack of that motivation is often not the core of the cause of the relapse. There needs to be a shorter time interval as well to be chosen in which a relapse takes place to determine the more exact cause.

    And then during or before a relapse happens you are more likely to be alert for it before it happens.

    To turn things more into matter, there is one event in time where you go from not relapse to relapse. So the question is what that event is.

    And after determining it, the next thing is a strategy to deal with that event so that it won't have enough effect anymore.

    For me one of the causes is laying down at times when I shouldn't sleep or rest, especially on my back. That lowers the decision making ability because of the sleepiness. And another one is sitting in a way that creates pressure in the genital area.

    A solution for the first is regulating the time laying in bed at times when it's not actually necessary. And for the times I still do, it is mentally preparing and to keep being alert at that time.

    And similarly for the second example, it is spending less time sitting and maintaining a correct position for the times I do sit.
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