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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by IamtheLiquorJD, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. IamtheLiquorJD

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    I've been going throughout another tough chapter of my life.

    I've been officially dealing with my addiction starting this April. I fell into a hard addiction when me and my long time girlfriend broke up. I fell into a new level of addiction. We got back together but the addiction didn't. I started my fight against my addiction and had little progress. Broke up again and it's for good. I had a lot of feelings for her and she was my first love.

    The thing is my addiction still is prescent but with no progresses. I know I'm depressed and I have no motivation to fight the urge and my body is just using the addiction to try and stabilize my emotions. I want to stop still but I'm finding it impossible to put up a fight.

    I have learned that the addiction is also based around habit. I have a habit of pmoing after work to porn on my phone while sitting on the couch watching tv. I've been able to get 1 month free when I was gone away from home. And also 3 months free another time when I wasn't home. When I came home I jumped right back into my addiction.

    I'm 19 and still living at home with my mother but moving out. I don't want to carrying this addiction on.

    Any tips and advise from anyone. Or any encouraging story's. Thank you.
  2. DisciplineYourMind

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    The first step to breaking an addiction is identifying what caused it, and what your triggers are. You've done both of those already!

    So now you need to remove the triggers. Sitting on the couch with your phone makes you PMO? Put the couch in storage, and have a cold shower after work each day. Too drastic? Leave your phone in the car when you get home from work. Still too drastic? Instead of going home after work, hit the gym (take a change of clothes to work with you). Hopefully you'll feel too exhausted to PMO when you get home.

    These things are, of course, easier said than done. But one small change can have a huge impact on your life. Stay strong!
  3. programer

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    See, I also used to have a pretty girlfriend. We were together for a Considerably long time. She left me Due to my Incredible Wiredness.

    I have been approached by Many girls but the also flew away due to my Incredible wiredness.

    Pmo kills relationships. A pmo addict is Wired. One day, at around 11-12 pm, I found a Video in youtube Called "Why you shkuld stop M. This is the video that Changed my life.

    I quitted M&O for good. In the video, I knew about Testesterone(a vital fluid for men, Produced in the testis, Which is thrown away in plenty during M&O.

    Testesterone is responsible for;
    Sharp mind and
    sharp memory
    Fat metabolism
    Strong erectios
    Calmness and no anxiety
    General happiness
    Normal sex perfomance
    Strong born formation and so much more!!!! When you M & O & WATCH P, the opposite of all the above hapenes to you!!!!!!

    As you can see, we are throwing away all we need to be as Men. Since i knew all of this I have quitted Pmo comletely.

    I AM ON DAY 198. You can destroyvand kick out this DEMON of PMO out of your life. Check my 180 day thread.

    Good luck.
  4. IamtheLiquorJD

    IamtheLiquorJD Fapstronaut

    It's been a while since I've been back on and I haven't been on here like I used to. Half of the time I just dint care. I know that will change with time and I may be able to quit this addiction someday.

    Thank you both for your help, and advice. That's amazing that you have went so long without PMO. I'm really glad you could accomplish that.

    I'm going to check out that video now.


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