Love - The Manliest Word Ever

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    Using the word "love" whether it be in conversation or to express feeling toward someone can feel awkward for any guy. It's viewed as a girly concept of which we know little. Unfortunately this seems to be due to an ignorance of the true nature of the word. Love can be one of the most powerful words in the English language, and love is the strongest, most fulfilling, and manliest force in existence. In stead of this, many see love as a weakness, a foolishness that no real man would have when he could in stead be working to gain respect for himself. The irony in this is that men who are not afraid to show love often gain respect by many, the likes of which could not be achieved through intimidation or status.

    And love is not exclusive to romantic partners. Obviously there is the love a family shares, between parent and child and if fortunate enough between siblings. But there is also a love among friends, a true love to be had. Of all the loves this is the one most feared, probably because to confess a love for a friend would imply a romantic interest or otherwise unhealthy affection, and this is a truly sad thing. The love friends can share is often more voluntary and yet more unconditional than any except that love between parent and child. I personally have confessed a platonic love to a ladyfriend I held most dear, and when she reciprocated it felt truly wonderful. There's nothing like knowing you have a friend you can count on no matter what happens.

    And on the power of love: it is without equal. Love can drive a man to do things his will could only ever dream of, and it is what should drive a man. This is evident in anyone who has ever loved at all, because loving someone just feels right.

    So then why, truly, to boys scoff at the mention of love?
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    Ah yes, the pinnacle of manhood. :) :rolleyes:
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    I love love. And peanut butter.
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    Love, love changes everything!

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