Low Sensitivity but also premature ED problems

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by tester5555, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. tester5555

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    Hey guys, 23 year old here looking for some advice.

    I have low sensitivity that's likely from death grip and dry M. I can feel almost nothing on my penis skin and a variable amount on the glans (I'm uncircumcised). Pinching the skin of the penis is the same as pinching the elbow skin - no sensation.
    I read somewhere about placing an ice cube - could hardly feel there was anything on my penis or glans, yet as soon as some melted water rolled to my legs, could feel the coldness instantly on my leg.

    However, unlike most threads I see on this, I also ocassionally have premature ejaculation during sex. I believe this is because I can get to almost the point of no return without any physical simulation mentally - either by fantasies or while I'm doing foreplay on the girl. Thus, even the smallest sensation after will get me to ejaculate.

    The problem is that, I either ejaculate within seconds or lose the erection during penetration/oral/hand as I don't feel any physical sensations. This leads to a vicious cycle where I worry about ED which makes the ED worse and I cannot satisfy my partners. But it's hard not to think about it when you are trying to enjoy the sex but not feeling any physical sensations. Very rare but sometimes I can maintain the erection during certain positions but still I get no sensation out of it.

    Another issue I have, is that my glans are very dry and sticky if my foreskin is pulled over them. I sometimes purposefully pull the skin back prior to sex as it at least gets rid of the stickyness but I imagine this isn't ideal solution. I have been to the doctor about it before and they just ignored the problem after clearing it's not thrush.

    I have stopped P and M for over 30 days but still try to have sex to improve my confidence.

    Currently waiting on a blood test results for my testosterone.
    Have been lifting weights 3 times a week for past 3 months and eating healthier. I'm skinny so trying to gain weight healthily.
    Ordered man1 man oil. Read mixed reviews but I rather try something.

    TL ; DR:
    Sensitivity problems but also premature ED. Sticky glans (uncircumcised). Advice appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Healed!

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    I think you might find consistent application of some oil or cream under your foreskin might help restore the tissues. Also no M.
  3. tester5555

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    Thank you for the reply, I'll give it a try when the man1 man oil arrives.
    Really hope something works with sensation as it feels like I'm fighting two battles that require opposing actions. Doctors don't seem to be interested in these problems either.
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    Hey man, do You see any improvement ? I'm 22 and I have similar problem. I was seeing few doctors, and they can't find any solution. Have You tried this man1 man oil ? I stopped PMO for 90 days once, I'm not sure If It helped. Right now I see that during sexual intercourses sensitivity of my penis is really poor, and It takes me really long to ejaculate.
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