Made it past my goal!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by watch, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. watch

    watch Fapstronaut

    I set a personal goal of going 7 days without porn and I made it!

    I just wanted to share that with you and thank all of you fapstronauts for being there for me. You might be asking yourself, "who's this watch guy? And when have I ever been there for him?"

    The fact is that even knowing you fapstronauts exist is a comfort to me. Knowing that there are others struggling with the same issue is encouraging to me. Even seeing "oh wow, like 10 people have viewed what I posted" is a big deal to me. It brings this very dark part of my life into the light.

    So thank you for taking the time to read this, and being there for me. It means more to me than you realize! Seriously, thank you.
  2. Warrior01

    Warrior01 Fapstronaut

    It indeed feels great when achieving a goal. Congratulations! and keep going this wheel, always improving. Keep in touch so we can know more about your jorney
  3. TheMessenger

    TheMessenger Fapstronaut

    Let me say, i am sincerely proud of you first of all, you brother are about to invest into your biggest life changing commitment on this planet and you will reap every benefit of this awaited journey, pleasure doesnt control you, your the master of your own sexuality brother, were behind you every step you make

    Fight hard brother
  4. LouMan

    LouMan Fapstronaut

    Well done from me too Watch!! All the best to you. I recently set to 7 days as a starter and then went onto 12 days (before falling sadly :( - the point i think is doing some little by little makes you want to do more because you can actually FEEL the benefit as you go (of course it has its diffcult moments too)

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