Made it to 90 days it only took me 2 years to

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  1. Well after starting this journey around June of 2016 when I made it to 42 days then relapsed a bunch of times till toward the end of January i started this streak now I have hit the 90 day mark . I will keep this short and real hear are some of my notes on the 90 day journey
    - Urges have a time limit they will not last forever even though it feels like it some days
    - Its a daily discipline you have work at it every day ,
    - You cant get down on yourself and talk negative to yourself I used to be the king of being negative
    - Some days were easy , them some are highly memorable like on day 45 when I was pushed to the absolute edge of relapseing for some reason the urge to pmo was ALMOST more than I could handle , that's were I found urges were time limited was put the test it was the hardest urges I have every had but it let up but wow was that close
    - Around day 86-threw day 88 it was tough again urges to act out came and left threwout the day but seeing I was so close to the 90 days I pushed threw
    - As far as the future who knows I would like to begin a more healthy masturbation without porn but I know little things can lead right back to were I used to be at well that's my story
    any questions I will try to answer them as best I can
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    list your benefits!
    don´t say "it only took me 2 years" thats self degrading!
    keep it up!
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    what changed in your personality ?
  4. Well I just stated the truth it did take about 2 years of trying and relapsing before sticking with it for the full 90 , the list of benefits is
    1. A more clearer mind before I was very foggy and forgetful now I can remember converstations and important dates and times with ease
    2. Don't feel I have to stare and want every women I see every day
    3. more determination before I half assed things now I push threw whatever life throws at me
    4. sleep better not waking up a bunch or having a hard time getting to sleep
    5. less self critical I don't beat myself up over things
    . As far as women wanting me more or having more hair on my head that didn't happen I can take rejection a lot eaiser when I did ask out one the other day it was no big deal when she said no
  5. Well from the previous relapses I learned that being self critical was holding me back I have become more determined I began to believe in myself more when things got dark I said yes I can do this which was a big turning point. I started this streak thinking I will just get in 2 weeks and see how I feel at the end of those 2 weeks I felt good enough to go for the full 90 days straight. Determination and beleving in myself where what changed in my personalty
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    What techniques did you do to achieve your goals?

    Meditation? Exercise? Healthy eating?
  7. I did use meditation at the start of my streak for about 15 minutes a day I would try again but its pretty boring but is good at de stressing as of writing this I am thinking about doing it again in the morning which was a problem time for me to relapse with my laptop next to my bed which I moved just getting out of bed and focusing on my breathing helps it takes some time to get used to
    I have always exercise at least 4 times a week weightlifting and cardio jogging exercise bike before and during my streak
    I try to take healthy vitamins I am not the most healthy eater mostly a multi vitamin
    - one of the big things that helped me was taking notes during the whole time writing down how I feel and why am I doing this and what helped with urges and what did not, finding out the urges were time limited and I didn't have to act on them thinking they would last forever help me push those big numbers
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    I think usually when guys claim women are more attracted to them, they are really saying women are more attracted to their (new-found) confidence. Everybody is more attracted towards someone who respects themselves, man or woman.

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