make the final judgement......


  1. going up

    going up Fapstronaut

    ....and step off. once we make no more judgements we are free to see well. free to see in wellness. for,"a true friend will not substantiate your insanity"...ACIM. we have been waiting for such a friend. a jesus. a christ conscious being. one that knows us well. and in his/her sight we drop the cross and begin to dance. we agree with jesus. we lay all our "sins"/mistaken identities/insane thoughts at his/her feet. we share the view that jesus knows to be true. WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD. and we laugh at all efforts to persuade us otherwise. we settle in to our truth. we merely be. calm and serene in the knowing of our divinity. one with all. we recognize our savior in all that we meet. for, "the holiest place on the planet is wherever an ancient resentment is forgiven."..ACIM. by invoking our souls/higher selves to lead we are shown the good news. that it was just our attack thoughts attacking our invulnerability."...ACIM in this time, now. all are advancing towards the light. not to be judged. but to be healed. to be seen well. so lets invite all the dark dwellers to come forth to be deloused in the puifying light that now shines down upon this earth from source. the dark ages require a spring cleaning. no worries, we all clean up nice. the parasites wish to stay fastened to our energies. all we have to do is stand naked in the light. the best disinfectant. trust the process. no hiding. come forth. sexual secrets clog our natural flow. im tired of paying such a high price for such a low life. osho say, "a buddha or a bull" for we go where we look. lets raise our gaze from crotch to heart. make the offering of self to our loving father and rest. the knowing. THANK YOU MY FAMILY <3

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