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  1. SleepySleepy

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    Hello community... I have a question.
    I have not masturbated for a month and a half, but recently, I decided for the first time to masturbate but without ejaculating. Now I wonder if having done this counts as a masturbation and if I would have lost all the benefits that I got due to of sexual abstence of all this time.
  2. kululuku

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    Mate, don't do it. It is bad for you. Your body still reacts by releasing hormones and so.
    Like it increases your stress hormones. It is destructive. It just makes things worse.
    Don't do it.

    Done, and suffered. xD
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  3. aspiringwriter1997

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    That would be considered to be edging and I believe that you've got to reset your counter (if you have one) if you do so, but others argue that edging is fine unless you ejaculate then you would've relapsed. Either way, that's a really bad idea and it shouldn't be done since edging leads to relapses more quickly than abstaining from M in general.
  4. Mordobarn

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    Whatever you do, do not edge. If you masturbate, continue until you have orgasmed and ejaculated. The reasons why are clearly explained on the main site.

    A reset and a relapse aren't the same thing. See my signature for a link.

    Is it a reset?

    If you masturbate, of course it's a reset. Yes, you reset your counter. Whether or not you ejaculate has nothing to do with it.

    Is it a relapse?

    That depends on what happened in your brain. We can't look inside your brain, obviously, so we have to look at probabilities.

    If you've edged, it is almost certainly a relapse, and you'll have gone significantly backwards, maybe all the way back. The same is true if you've used porn (or p-subs), or masturbated excessively, or played masturbation games, or used prostitutes, strip clubs, webcams or the like.

    However, if all you do is a simple masturbation to orgasm, without porn, fantasizing, edging, etc., it's unlikely to be a relapse. It might be a minor relapse, i.e. you've gone backwards, but only a little.
  5. bfdet

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    Hi Sleepy

    What you are asking about is "edging". As stated above, its NOT a good idea. In fact, it can and does tend to create even more problems than PMO. Your body develops a "new normal" thinking that extended duration stimulation is fine. Its NOT. Your body and mind will become de-sensitized and fail to respond.

    DO NOT edge.

    one day at a time is how we all succeed.

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