Method for transforming urge-energy

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    First of all, with no pmo it is always of good practice to never lay down either in bed or something else, it somehow triggers urges. Not at the time you're supposed to sleep because then you're tired.
    Before the technique I would suggest that if you have urges/thoughts/distractions from what you see in real life or artificially, go brainstorm about it on a problem-solution structure. Not that it should be seen as a problem, but that's a helpful pattern to use.
    It is important that you have the right initial mindset of completing the tasks of that day, rather than avoiding PMO itself. Preferably as soon as possible, after waking up. The urge is what eventually comes later.
    When an urge comes, physical or mental, or something distracting IRL causing impulses, it is possible to deal with that in a creative way. The energy used for that urge to be there can be directed to other thoughts or actions. So when any of those different kinds of urge appears, you can for example visualise that energy that's at that moment present in either the lower body, or the brain in case of thoughts, imagine that unit of energy being transported to the brain. In case of thoughts, imagine the thought floating more besides or above the head where the unit of energy is at that moment, and do the same.
    After a couple of weeks of practice this method will become easier and faster to implement.
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    My method for transforming energy was completely destroying the concept of "PMO" itself.

    Didn't have to imagine anything or do weird rituals, just had to make the decision to NeverFap.

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