Might go on some medication that totally shuts off sex drive?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, May 14, 2019.

  1. skaterdrew

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    I might need to go down the road of deliberately trying to find a medication that shuts off my sex drive.

    I was doing really well because I had basically everything possible blocked on my internet and computer. My my internet service providers are fucking stupid scum bag pricks. I am so angry. I had everything working perfectly until my internet service provider decided to block third party dns.

    Now I can access unrestricted youtube videos again and some somewhat nude images on anonymous search engines.

    I just honestly feel like I can't stop this.

    I think maybe going on a drug that seriously reduces my sex drive might be the best approach?
  2. Never Again

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    Do what you must. Much the same happened to me. At some point, a change in my household's wifi made it so that K9 was unable to block certain sites. Since it was the only service I was using and I had locked myself out of administrator privileges and even BIOS access, I was unable to do anything about it. I had to go to Lenovo service and replace my motherboard (or something) to regain access. It cost about $400.

    Now I'm several months free from porn and am happy I made the sacrifice. Use K9, use hosts file, and use covenant eyes. The latter has been the most helpful for me as it most easily allows me to block without a passcode.

    I have tried SSRIs and naltrexone as medication to help with addiction. I can't say they were of much use. The lack of access (importantly, combined with a commitment to not relapse) is far better.
  3. Embrace

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    Man, this is just pure gold. I mean I have observed that one of the biggest holds porn has on me is so easy acces. I do not fall to often, more just a few days apart minimum these days, but it is just like, if crack or cocaine was this available to me, i really do not know what i would have done. really. It is isn t so much about the sex drive on my part, it s more the trauma in my psyche. I have learned of other tools to momentarily cope with, but it is so close, so cheap, so effective as a drug, it s like the ultimate painkiller and mind number for me. I just drift off endlessly. I do not even care about ejaculating so much, but the escape, man that escape is...wow! it is the only activity where I can just zone out of my problems, inner and outer, they just kind of dissapear. The whole confrunt reality stuff is not working that good for me, too much of it, pressure from the outside, therapy costing me too much, just in a very stressful situation and it is like, I know I am going to feel bad after it but I prefer that sick feel thatn feeling more aware. I hate awareness, and porn, when I am watching and that awful hangover I feel it is better than dealing with my inner demons. I do not want to get well, to do good, to win, this addiction, activity is keeping me from facing reality so yeah ..the cheapest and most effective support of coping with reality I have. No rejection, no rules. no pressures, just zone out in complete fantasy, a drug, it is just that, a drug of fanatsy, of releasing my traumas, my anger, my pain, my need of affection, it is a cheap and extremely available surrogate which I know, and I am afraid of psych medication because those I do not know. Porn is the cave I crawl in, it is full of snakes and hungry ghosts and bears, but still better than the sun which I feels burns me. Like a f iing vampire.I prefer the darkness of pain than the revealing light. i don t want to meet my pain. Thanks for letting me write this here. Just relapsed and wrote this here. So far, sad to say, porn is the best thing in my life right now. So sad. The best as in the happiest. False and painful, but still beats the rest.

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