Milestone 30 days reached after 30 years take my hat off to Nofap

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  1. MyAwakening

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    Hi Fellow
    What can I say !!!!!
    My NoFap brothers I got there and wanted to share the achievement by posting how I got to 30 days

    Here is my brief journal to share and hope I can inspire others in the first few difficult weeks of there Awakening journey.

    Step 1.
    Have a last frustrating experience surfing for as many hours as possible and remember the frustration and guilt to get ready to begin.

    Step 2.
    Get any medical help re undiagnosed condition re anxiety/depression/adhd/bipolar etc to understand the excessive dopamine urges each day which I did.

    Step 3
    Remove any devices out of bedrooms I sold my Ipad.

    Step 4.
    Get out of bed as soon as you wake up go outside or get a novel and make a tea or coffee / shower as once out of room urge dissipates.

    Step 5
    Confess to your wife / SO you have been addicted for years as its a chemical imbalance and has nothing to do with her as a person or not being sexy as she could not be blamed for your addiction as its not a emotional attachment like an affair.
    They could not keep up with your demands anyway in a fantasy world.
    She/He will understand why you are changing and will keep you pushing through the flatlines with any means which is fine to experiment.

    Step 6
    Be kind to yourself as your mind is the most powerful organ in your body and it takes a faith and a strong will to overcome the free candy bars it wants on the net.

    Step 7
    Use the counter as very important tool to keep track of progress by cutting and pasting into your profile.

    In concluding I personally would like to know any other strategies from 30 plus fapstronauts as knowledge is power to share as we all want the same thing.
    Cheers from
    The Awakening
  2. Dziki007

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    Hey, congratulations on your achievment brother. I am on 5 days of no fapp/no porn and its hard, i use your techniqes like remembering these siick embarassing cycles of porn, when you are bombarding with dopamine then release and feel like shiit. I also try to medidate it clears my head and every thought about porn and fapp i can catch and make go away. And also cold showers is good, trains strong will. I hope you wont break down on your journey, keep going.
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  3. goldstein

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    Excellent. Glad to know one more of us is strong and on the right path. One mental frame that has helped me is to think that mo and P don't exist. So when i have an urge i instantly think that they dont exist, and therefore its imposible to do it.
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