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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Grue, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Grue

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    I notice that when masturbating, my brain goes into tunnel vision mode. All I can think about is the sensation I'm getting at the moment.

    I can even do tricks with it which is why it's going to be so hard for me to give up masturbating.

    One trick involves edging and being able to cum up to three times. Another is the ability to have multiple orgasms in one sitting. My record is 6 times in one sitting. 6 orgasms, 6 cumshots. That's something I haven't been able to do in years. When I get a second one, I have a smile on my face that'll last a week. Lately, when I can only do one, I like to ride the orgasmic pleasure for about a minute by continuing to stroke the corpus cavernosum near the glans You can ride it until it peaks at a quarter-strength orgams and it feels wonderful.

    I'm even experimenting in the bum for prostate stimulation but that's another thread.
  2. fapequalsdeath

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    Yeah i used to fap intensely in my teens, but the effect dimineshes with age and frequency. So it's best to stop it, your future orgasms with a partner depends on it.
  3. First off I want to say this post is inappropriate. We are all ere trying to better our self and control our sexual energy. You posting something with this kind of content can cause someone to relapse.
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  4. Grue

    Grue Fapstronaut

    I do want to quit or at the very least cut back significantly.

    The point was to relay what I'd miss.
  5. Grue

    Grue Fapstronaut

    I knew I wouldn't do well in a forum.
  6. Don't get me wrong I get it. But its harder for some people to read something like this... trust me I know its hard to quit it I'll home alone and the urge is crazy but I can stay strong
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  7. You need to write/ask more about quitting, and less about indulging.
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  8. MasterRoshi

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    Don’t worry about people and your post being a “trigger” for them. Self will doesn’t keep us sober therefore stumbling upon a masturbation story won’t be the cause of a relapse, just an excuse for not doing the daily maintenance required to remain sober.

    That said, this is a forum to help people stop PMO. Everyone’s journey is different and everyone’s bottom line relapse rules are different. I find I can’t masturbate at all otherwise I go off the deep end. You might be different.

    It is a good idea to keep the forum posts geared towards problems and solutions and save the sexual curiosity for another website focused on sexual experience/exploration rather than recovery from PMO addiction.

    Good luck and wish you the best!
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  9. rob1983

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    The behavior you write about, or its pursuit, is what many of us have experienced and brought us to this forum. Rather than invest our efforts in work, self-improvement, a better relationship, better health, we instead became stagnant and followed the path of least resistance, that of sexual gratification, the most pleasurable and for many of us the least productive and most compulsive activities we could engage in. It excluded our wives, girlfriends, family members, and friends to follow the least inclusive activity we could find, masturbating by ourselves with the benefit of the Internet's vast library of sexual videos to help us achieve it and encourage us to continue this hedonistic act. Hedonism is not bad, but when practiced to the exclusion of all else, when it becomes the primary reason for acting, it can cause significant problems with relationships and issues of trust and respect for others. Being married to someone who prefers to view a stranger having sex and achieve orgasm by themselves by masturbating as opposed to showing love and respect and consideration for a partner is like having to share a mistress who is prettier and can have sex at any time and in any place and in ways you never thought of. In short, for your partner, it sucks. What you experienced is not new or unique; not all of us achieved it but most of us finally looked ourselves in the mirror and realized it was a dead-end activity when taken to those extremes of self-indulgence, and it was becoming the defining activity in our life as opposed to an occasional effort at relief. I urge you to fight it one day at a time and remove yourself from whatever is providing the impulse to return to it. Masturbation has its place, but making it a reason for playing challenge games with one's mind might suggest one is not seeing the forest for the trees. I know you can overcome this if you want. One day at a time, one small step at a time. Good luck to you.
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  10. TheFutureMe

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    You'll do just fine, but I advise the use of the words "Triggers ahead" or the Spoilers section, etc if you want to get explicit about a topic, or suggest stuff that could be perceived as inappropriate ;)
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