More consistency with abstaining from PMO

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    And again, this post sadly got removed from the NoFap subreddit once again. You can see for yourself that there are no rule-breakings in this post. I'm not banned there btw. It remains a mystery.

    How does it become easier to stay consistent with abstaining from pr0n / fap? Remove all worldly pursuits for possession, fame, and power. When the insight grows about how things work in the current world with all negative influences, you see that it is only short lived. Just like the conflicts it causes in an individual and the misery. You should notice this even after you have had a session of looking and jerking pr0n. The person then completely renounces worldly possessions and goes into the life of sacrifice and persistence so that you realize that these things really cannot be done.
    Many people believe that sexual imagery should be tolerated because it is a form of art / expression, but it harms the young viewer. Decades ago, prosperity used to go up, because at least then everyone was not looking and jerking all the time pr0n, which takes away the creative energy in the seed. Why is rape so common today? It is cultivated on TV and the Internet.

    Large-scale discharge of sexual energy, regardless of the way, greatly reduces total energy. Young men don't realize that value and waste it. You are now not aware of it because everything is spent on pr0n and jerking. Namely, it is the sexual power that is infinite and can also be saved for right purposes.

    Remember that 1 sperm production required many previous biochemical steps where food was the first, and energy is required at each step.
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