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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Mpa020204, Sep 23, 2018.

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    Hi, im a 14 years ol teenager, im tired about my addiction to pornography, i cant talk with girls, im so insecure, when im sad or angry i go to my bathroom and i masturbate. This is getting bad, when i see porn, i think in someone, it can be one of my friends or even my family, im tired about this. I want to claim my actions and be a good again. I want to get girlfriend but im so shy with friends.
    Please help me to get out of this adiction.
    I trust in God that he would help me.
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    Honestly man, get rid of triggers. If you have a phone or pc that you find yourself slipping up on, either get rid of it or put porn blockers on it. The only way to kill a habit is to stop feeding into it. If you get rid of that which tempts you I promise you will have an easier time getting over this.
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    You are so much younger and you discovered this addiction at a great age. Since you can cut it off early and not be seriously addicted to it. So good job on recognising that you are doing something wrong. I understand completely what you said "you see it in one of your family members", this is key. Think of it as like 'Porn has messed up my brain so much so that I start to think crazy things like this". Going to give you the three Golden Steps of beating this addiction. Reading, Exercising, Meditation. Start incorporating these into your daily life and see the massive change. Also you need to get serious if you really want to quit this addiction.
    There will always be a choice to either give up or keep moving. What are you going to choose? Let me tell you the reward of keep going is worth every bit.
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