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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Abetterbrain, Mar 3, 2018.

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    Hey all,

    I wanted to make a post about the dangers of edging. I find myself caught in these mad, time consuming "edge fests" as I've now come to call them. Where I know that fapping is harmful to my brain but I justify it by allowing myself to edge to one video, knowing that it will turn into 50. All the while I tell myself that I shouldn't O as I'd ruin my streak or whatever. This is the problem. For those of you that have done a little research into why it's harmful, you'll know it comes down to the brain chemistry. In particular dopamine. I won't go into detail as I'm sure you've all heard it before and if you haven't go read up.

    The damage is not from ejaculating its from the unnatural amount of dopamine that is around in our brains while PMOing. It's 200% the norm and if it sticks around long enough will desensitise dopamine receptors.

    Anyway my point is this and this is personal and some of you may disagree. When I find myself edging I continue to do so because I don't want to O. When what I should do (and I will from now on) is allow myself to O. If I'm edging, I've failed already and by Oing right away I'm
    Not allowing my brain to reach dangerous levels of dopamine for long periods of time.

    Last night I edged for hours and today I woke up exercised, meditated and plenty of other things and I still feel shit, my head is cloudy and I feel demotivated. I'm sitting in a suit waiting to go to a party and I don't want to as my head is so foggy. In the futue I will allow myself to climax as I always feel better the next day compared to edging.

    Please take my advice: if you start to edge, finish and start again. Your brain will thank you.

    Edit: some people are getting confused about my point. Obviously the whole point is NoFap! Don't wank! But my point is this, and it may not apply to you, if you start and keep edging over and over for hours on end, DON'T. Finish and start again and try to abstain completely.

    Stop messaging this threat saying "don't fap at all" duh! That's the point but this is when you lose the will and start to edge. If you don't find yourself occasionally doing so, great! You have great will power. Much love to you all. X
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  2. Reverent

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    OR take my advice and DONT EDGE!

    People don't take any advice on NoFap that tells you to Fap. Get it together.
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    So true. You're just asking for maximum brain fog when you edge. Picture Chelsea Clinton in the morning to help yourself.
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  4. Abetterbrain

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    You clearly missed my point. Obviously the point is not to fap but if you start, don't keep edging for hours on end just to keep the streak, finish and start again. It's better for your brain. Get it together!
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    I think he's saying just don't edge mate.
  6. Abetterbrain

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    And I totally agree. However if you find yourself doing so. Don't prolong the inevitable. It's worse for you in the long run.

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