My final conclusions on SR/Sexual Transmutations

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    Dear Nofap members

    I'm leaving this forum as I no longer find it a benefit for me but actually most of people reach me by PM asking for advice

    I started being addicted to masturbation since I was 14, after I had a huge event in my life I immediately stopped at age 25, blocking anything sexual, from thoughts, porn, lustfool look, whatever.

    I'm pretty successful at abstaining at anything probably due to a strong spiritual background and proper knowledge on the topic

    So here's the bad news:

    SR/Monk mode whatever won't fix your life in one shot, it will most likely give you no supernormal power, you are not a vivekananda or something like that.

    But it will boost your immune system, improve your confidence, improve your eyes, improve your mind, improve hair, improve other things that can be of tremendous help dealing with the daily battle of life. You will get tremendous self control which is always of help

    Also, Sex in whatever way drains alot of your life, because sex gives life, you have to come in acceptance with this, don't just take everything rationally or in a scientific way, but generally energy is nor created nor destroyed, if energy leaves your body you lose life.

    This will eventually compound in later years of your life, your energies are lower, you get sick easily, your forget things easily etc. so the sooner you quit the better

    And even at the present moment if you abstain from porn and masturbation, you will have to pay for all the previous mistakes you've done, in fact many say they have wet dreams and they don't want them, they know they are being pure mentally, but the problem is the unconscious mind which is damaged and has to heal as well

    But i guess life will most likely still be tough for the majority, as some people have problems with money, some with health, some with relationships.

    I have problems in all my areas and without sexual abstinence, I don't think I would be still alive.

    If you want to decrease the urges and control your sexuality I generally suggest:

    1) Switch to a vegetarian/vegan diet
    2) Get Centrella Asiatica, it helps alot to reduce and transmute desire, make some warm water, and add it in powder form
    3) Meditating on the damages Masturbation/ejaculation leads to
    4) having a strong faith you will be successful, that's the most important part

    There are many other points but I think those are the major ones

    So Good luck and I wish everyone to be successful in removing addiction and hitting your goals and living a happy and fullfilled life.
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    I’d like for you to stay but I respect your decision.
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    Take care on your journey, I consider you one of most valuable here in the forum.
  6. wait!! you never taught me your secret techniques of eliminating all lust thoughts entirely!!
  7. well...yeah this forum actually isn't good to be honest. neither is the reddit. a lot of people who are deeeeep into coitus activities come here and their energy fields are full of lustful imprints, there is no clean part to them. just pure daydreaming constantly of lust. also some of them drain the annamaya which disturbs you just reading their words, because that's enough to put your annamaya in contact with them. after all annamaya is physical. pranamaya isn't.

    you have to constantly reflect on your goal and passion it fiercely like naruto! or the uchihas hating!
    I live in a shitty environment with kids screaming, dumb tv stuff is loud, all the people I see have very sedentary and unfit bodies. If let my environment by itself then my sense simply NEVER experience something that I ideal to and want and makes me happy. All I can find to consume is crap which I can't stand and is not healthy anyway.

    It's Alright to be slightly narcissistic with your ideals and passions. Keep clinging to them and never let them go.
    Take one idea and make your whole life that one idea Only!

    There is little benefit from nofap alone. Actually it's in the name - NOfap. Fap doesn't give or stop benefits. It only gives damage. If you stop the damage, you are out of prison. That doesn't mean you have your life together all magickally. And this is why we continue to flop. Let's face most of us can do nofap hardmode like a CHAMP every now and then. Be it for a day out, half a day alone on a good day. It's when we face trouble, we find that we enjoyed the breeze but never had a reason to sacrifice anything for it and to go beyond anything for that passions.
    LIVE YOUR PASSION. People usually say this in a temporary mindset. Actually someone successful that chases his/her passions knows his lifes passion and goal. He knows his inner most desire that Never changes. Most people simply don't know themselves. They get angry and busy for a few weeks and 90 days later are back fapping. Nofap is not #nopain-nogain. It is: do you want it? - YES! - Why? - ... if you can answer truthfully then your answer will never change and you will never have low energy about your goal. A warrior knows himself! This is why so often warriors are intellectuals as well, but never book nerds! They see, they go and they conquer. Simple, calculated and focused. A man of focus, is a man that can handle, project and generate power. Anyone else never holds power, only leaks and bursts any power they find in their hands. There are no in-betweens in life.
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    You mean we should only take one passion and chase it?
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    Truly there are no in-between in life, it's all or none.
  10. you find that the value they all hold to you is something inside that you call life...or better existence. living life and striving hard in life is meaningless and given no thought because you live what you hold true.
    this is a quality animals do not have. humans have the potential to live this.

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