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  1. I'm ultra shy, and trying to get me to act with women is like pulling teeth. I have a friend who is constantly telling me to program women. "Send the hero on fetch quests" and the like. That I can literally design them if I so desired, and that they would think it's their own idea. I never listen to him seriously tho, and can't tell if he's jokeing.
  2. Women are robots that are easily programmed. The programming methods are done with a 100% certain method I can tell you about if you buy my book for $19.95.

    Your friend is pulling your leg. Just like I am.

    Women are human beings just like men.

    If you don’t want to go out and meet women don’t let your friend or anyone else give you a hard time about it. There are women who don’t want to meet men and there are men that don’t want to meet women. It’s no big deal.

    For me, I want to meet women but they all want me to get lost as soon as I look at them and start to talk! LOL!
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    Hey guys that sounds difficult and frustrating. Hang in there but I'm sure with each attempt we get better

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