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    Hi guys. I would like to tell my story so you can read and understand your problem can really be overcome. Like many others, I was engaged in masturbation for a long time, I often watched porn and eventually began to experience problems with erection while having sex with my girlfriend. It was terrible and shameful, really shameful (to be true it was a f&*&ing disaster for me as for any man).

    As a result, I found this site (as well as some other similar ones) and found out what is porn-induced erectile dysfunction (or better say porn-and-masturbation-induced ED). My main problem was that my penis got up if I touched, but without this stimulation it lay like a stone. Also I began to notice that it tend to "fall" even while touching last months. It was a hard time for me. Gloomy thoughts circled in my head. I'm 29, and at 29 no one can be impotent for nothing. I was afraid that I could not recover. But I could. How did I do this?

    Firstly, I decided to struggle and firmly convinced myself of future victory. On the first day of my struggle, I stopped watching porn (it was about 40 days ago). I took it so seriously that I did not even have a thought to watch porn more. I just stopped being interested in it. All I wanted was to have good sex with my girlfriend. I have never watch porn ever after and I never will.

    Then I stopped masturbating too often (I used to jerk off 3-4 times a day). But if quiting porn was easy, then quiting masturbation was really hard. I understood that I could not hold out without masturbation for 30 days, so I decided that I would do it no more than once a week or two. I understood it would slow my healing, but I decided it would be not so bad for beginning (and after a month or two I planned to quit it at all).

    In general, after 30-40 days of such abstinence, I had a wonderful sex with my girlfriend, I fucked her 4 times in a row and was just beside myself with happiness. I've neved been so happy before, really. It is real happiness.

    The most difficult thing about all this is flatline. It came almost immediately, as I threw off jerking. It was accompanied by all the symptoms described on this site: depression, lack of belief in success, attempts to artificially check if my penis is alive, irritability (I was very nervous these days), short-term mood rises and their strong falls. It was really difficult time for me, really difficult. I know how it is hard to overcome the flatline.

    But here's what I want to tell you. Guys, just hold fast, just be persistent and be able to endure any discomfort and despair. Every day of this struggle is very difficult, but in the end everything is getting better. I'm with you. I can not say that I completely regained my sexual abilities, because it is still easier for me to lift my penis by touch, rather than just by thoughts, but I see very strong progress. I can have good sex with my GF and every day it becomes easier for me to get up my penis just thinking about something sexual. I think that this is the ultimate goal of each of those who fight against PIED: to get an erection just thinking about some sexual girl.

    Now I'm going to finally stop jerking off and I will experience orgasms only with my girlfriend. Hold fast, guys, victory will be ours;)
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    thanks for sharing this with us
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  3. Wonderful!
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    Inspirational! Congratulations!

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