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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Onehope, May 5, 2019.

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    Ok, so I known this girl for a year, and after a year of friendship we decided to date. At first she said she didn't want to tell everyone we were together because she figured it be best to "get to know each other" before deciding anything final. She's a mother of three and is a very lonely person, much so that she needs to constantly be calling or texting you every day, and got upset if I was too tired to talk and wanted to go to sleep. She was very demanding when it came to how I should run the relationship, and wanted me to take her out constantly to eat or travel, but I'm on a low wage job and I got bills to pay, so it's hard to please someone with these kinds of standards.

    She would eventually complain and say she was getting bored, but she never found it in her to dump me. We constantly had fights about stupid things, she has a low tolerance to any remark and makes a big deal out of everything, and fights you if you disagree with her. She lives under the illusion that she will become a wealthy successfull woman as a social worker, and she's almost about to graduate a bachelors, and wants to have a master's degree and even a doctor degree.

    She dreams a lot about money yet she lacks the proper discipline to manage it, wasting away all the child support money from her previous husband and the other guy.

    As flawed as she was I kept trying to make it work and by the 5th month I figured things wouldn't work out, as she was too hard to please and refused to have anything official with me, I decided to dump her.

    A few weeks later she changes her facebook status to "A relationship" with some unknown guy she just met recently.

    My reaction was mixed, I understand she's got the right to date anyone since we broke up, but I find it hurtful she changes her status with a guy she just met, and with me, 5 months together and she couldn't bring herself to do it.

    I know it probably doesn't sound like a big deal to anyone, but this made me want to change and become better, and I learned my lesson, to never settle for less.

    I feel used and I think she never truly appreciated everything I did for her.

    I remember on Christmas her kids were not gonna get presents since both fathers are assholes, and I gave those kids a Christmas.

    I helped her out with her debts and took her out to eat leaving my pockets empty.

    I gave everything and got nothing in return.

    Maybe I'm just giving advice here, watch out for those red flags and don't let emotions get in the way of your judgement.

    You must get what you give, and if a person is not willing to give everything as you do, move on, don't stick around like I did. All I did was allow myself to fall further in love with someone who decided to publicly declare she's in a relationship, probably to piss me off.

    I know her and she's very vengefull and holds past events of her life present most of the time, complains about guys betraying her in the past and relives those moments over and over again. She monitors their facebook accounts and believes they still think about her, that ego...geez, what the fuck did I see in this woman?

    Anyway, that's my story...
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    Hi there, your ex's personality reminds me a lot about my own ex-girlfriend. Big ego, always complaining, even shouting at people who didn't behave the way she wanted them to... She was more independent and less greedy though. As soon as we broke up she had some guy already lined up to draw resources from. When a woman needs it, she knows she can trade sex against some advantages. Or maybe am I just being too red-pill here? Anyway, I don't envy them because jumping into the next available guy you meet just to satisfy your fear of loneliness might just be as toxic as the relationship you just exited. Plus, you don't get the chance to understand your own shortcomings when you don't take the time to reflect on them, so in a way you condemn yourself to repeating them.
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    Jesus dude the amount of red flags...
    Makes you think how far people are willing to tolerate for a loving relationship...
    Your young you can do better, keep improving yourself and learn from these experiences, sooner or later you will find what you're looking for, there is absolutely no scarcity of women out there.

    Best wishes,

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