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  1. Hi guys .
    In continue to introduce you in my theory about pied .
    I want to talk about libido my opinion this is the key... but not easy to fiind this key.
    Libido activates the nervous center through the hormone called dopamine, is the pleasure hormone that further activates all systems and sexual nerves.
    No libido dopamine =no erection =no sex ..
    This libido accumulates in the subconscious all life , reaching the highest level likely around the age of 16-25 yo, suppose it is 100% then.
    After that libido starts to fall naturally because of the beginning and accumulation of experiences and sexual stimulation lived during the time , same sex the same movie or woman is not so exciting but this libido naturally recharges slow if we leave it and do not abuse it .. the libido declined slowly from 100% to 80% in the 30s to 60% in the 40s and so on.It's a natural process.
    Suppose that first sign of ed occurs when this libido reaches somewhere below 20%.
    What have we wrong? We abused our libido with some artificial stimulation ... which in a very short time managed to decrease and destroy natural libido far below 20%
    What are we trying to do?
    By trying to abstain from sexual stimulation, no porn, masturbation, and orgasm, let's naturally grow libido finnd that we do not use it. But this increase is very slow very hard you get over the 20% limit and if you are not careful get some orgasms and you get with the ed again.
    Libido for those who masturbating porn is artificially kept alive, to a point where even the porn can not give enough stimulation , so many after dropping porn are complaining about loss of libido and mysterious flatline appear.
    This means libido close to 0%
    Many try ed drugs to maintain the erection, among them I am , this is very dangerous game, if your libido is under 20% you do sex and especially you orgasmed, reduce and completely destroy the libido that you have and you will stay in flatline forever, will not get out ... there is my case.
    I do not think it can heal out of it completely, it takes a lot of time for libido to recover slowly, especially at an older age, it would take years of abstinence,
    Those who have managed to cross the threshold and be very cautious get some quick orgasms
    It does not matter that it's sex or masturbation and can get back with the ed.
    The solution is only one abstinence until you reach the threshold and we suppose 20% and sex only with the limit max 1 orgasm / week.
    So I think it happens from my own experience and experience and what I read on the site, it's just a theory, I'm glad it's not true.
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    what if I wanna achieve 100%
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    Interesting theory, but how to overcome it?
  4. It's just that simple, the more dopamine from artificial stimuli the more you lost dopamine receptors, the less dopamine in these receptors (nofap hardmode) the more receptors and hence more energy and libido.

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