Nearing 60 days, never thought I could do it. And boy is it starting to get me

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by DaveKing, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. DaveKing

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    Closing in on 60 days now. I am much more in control of any possible erections I get, but I have been on dating apps for about a month or so now.

    Talking to women has started to put erotic thoughts in my head. I have a strive for finding someone who I can have good sex with, feel great pleasure that I honestly haven't felt in month or almost 2 years.

    I will keep on going until 90 days or more, and will only stop the O once I have a partner to have sex with. But I definitely do not want to be going back to P or M.

    How do you guys view this? My addiction and coming to this forum for help is due to erotic fantasies, due to P or course. I feel that part of my urges to find a dating partners is a subconscious way of my brain to escape the program and have an O
  2. 220woof671

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    Congrats on 63 days !!!

    I did 90 days months ago..... then screwed up somehow and went back to PMO.

    Careful with the dating apps........ and dating websites........ they can transition you to lust [oogling] destroying Your Great Streak.

    Instead of just one night stands -- and STD risks -- how about work on getting married? Then you'll have love and sex and commitment?
  3. g2stop

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    I am on dating apps and I think they can be dangerous. They have led me to many relapses as they have sexy ads and hours searching for the perfect woman is a bit like searching for the perfect porn scene or the perfect escort
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  4. Happy Man

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    Well done!!!

    Never keep you guard down and keep a journal :)
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  5. VulpesInculta

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    As long as your partner isn't one of your hands, you should be good.
  6. Asgardian36

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    thanks for the message, man! It should answer the OP's question.
  7. Strongman7

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    Ooo man please be careful! First congratulations for a very nice results! :)
    Now, I DEFINITELY wouldn't recommend you to visti dating sites. Especially if you're willing to find a girl, because almost 100% you find there are just cold hearted escorts and their photos/videos are very close to the "amateur P", which is probably the reason why you are checking it although you're probably not aware of it bro. If you want to find a girl, at first find a lot of new friends, new groups of people, but in the real world not online. I will copy here one my post of few days ago, for which I believe could be useful for you to read.
    "Last time when I made it almost to 40 days I was really self-confident about controlling and resisting the triggers, didn't had the urges. Simply I felt myself totally in control over PMO. Then there happened that I was flirting few times with some girls which kind of turned me on, but I actually felt very good about it, since its not a P. Even few times it happened that I was touching a little bit myself, but still had a very very strong feeling of the control.
    Well... DON'T TRUST THAT FEELING. After a few day it leaded me to the relapse. So at the end, I'd just advice you to be careful and not allow yourself to get "turned on"."
    That was the post.
    As you're streaking longer, your triggers and urges are also changing, evolving, transforming. Be careful and aware of it.
    Good luck!
  8. DaveKing

    DaveKing Fapstronaut

    Thanks everyone for your advice.

    I disagree that all women on dating apps are bad. My recent previous relationship with a women lasted about a year and I met her online. There was nothing necessarily wrong with her, although we broke up.

    I've already been on some dates, and kissed a girl last Sunday night. It was great and I'm really looking forward to seeing her more, as well as other women and dates. This will allow me to get to know them better and find someone good to be in a relationship with.

    I am very in control of myself, and viewing women on dating apps do not cause me to want to relapse. I won't, and I'm pretty sure I won't because I consider myself a disciplined person and know this is a healthy investment for whoever women I am with.

    Just don't think I'll make it to the 90 days because I'm dating a bit now, and it could happen before the 90 day. Anyway, my goal was to successfully stop watching P and doing M, which I have. Now, it's been long enough for me to be ready for O with a woman.
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  9. Faceplanter

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    You can get to the 90 day mark if you want to. Telling a date that you are abstaining from sex for another 3 weeks isn't going to be a deal breaker...tell her why too if you want, honesty is a good habit to start early.

    It's up to you....I totally get the urges after 60 days and I believe you if you say you can not let any personal ads or just internet ads lure you back to PMO. But, if you came here to do a 90 day reboot....I'd do a 90 day reboot if at all possible.

    Either way, keep up the good work on avoiding PM and stay honest to yourself and your partner.
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  10. Keep going however don't let the numbers of days stress you out, let it be your way of life, it will be easier.
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