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    I have depression and anxiety. My depression stems from my constant anxiety. My anxiety is that I always feel my heartbeat when I lay down to go to bed, if I will get an erection with my girlfriend when we have sex, and just an overall on edge feeling. My depression is about how I'm always anxious and I feel no self worth.

    I feel like exercise will help quiet my mind and help my body as well as for my anxiety and depression. I have no appetite, no motivation, can't sleep but just wanna lay around all day. I need help really bad. I feel like I'm losing my mind.

    I would like help from someone who has gone through the same thing and came out to the other side.
  2. Nutrition and exercise are
    what I live for, aside from Chinese martial arts and meditation, and tea :D

    I could list a whole bunch of things and ramble for pages but I am going to refrain, and very very selectively recommend 2 books.

    Read them from front to back, then apply the information you absorb as you see fit to help yourself. Hope it helps, truly do.

    As for the workout program, I can name many, but will only recommend one. Perhaps someone else may chime in with a program suggestion.

    Running or jogging at least 3 times a week (preferably daily for several months at least, for at least 3 miles or 20 minutes each run or jog) in a nearby park with trails or bikepath (they are everywhere) and perhaps even pickup meditation while you are at it ;)

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    I'm far away from the other side, but I've been lifting and doing HIIT. When you stop fapping you have the energy AND the time. Just find the work out you like the most and start sweatin'
  4. HIIT is legit.

    Hit a nearby high school collegiate track to get my weekly dose.

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    Hahaha yes! That's exactly how I end up after every session

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