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    Hello everyone. I use to be online a lot before but not as much these days. I am too busy with my studies. The thing is, the course I am studying now is not the one which I like much. I am too ambitious and nothing can give me more satisfaction than achieving my dream career to be a Doctor.
    Last time I couldint make it to a top rank list for getting into my dream course. I was studious and well confident about my performance but some negative relationships ruined me totally. Indulgence in fake relationships and wasting time totally fucked up my life.
    My parents lost the belief in me that I have the potential to get into my aim. Whenever I feel hopeless am not getting support from anyone around me. Often I lack confidence in myself. I still believe in my talent to perform well. I understand why everything happened so and am not gonna repeat those same mistakes again and again any more.
    It is too difficult for me to get surrounded with Narrow minded people ( most of the people in my college are like that and i can never change that). I just want to go away from the institution where I am now. I just wanna get into my dream course ie, MEDICINE.
    I feel the course which am studying now is easy and i dont need to study that even. I like to study more tougher one. And every time I feel like hell when taking my books.

    Moreover, the most hurting thing is that my Family lost the belief and faith in me that I will achieve my aim. Now they are looking me with eyes of sympathy. I wanna change this.
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    Suffering from low self esteem is usually the culprit of believing in the social mirror, or the way other people see you. You think they are right and look at yourself through their eyes. This is false. Their social mirror is based on bias, upbringing, social customs that they themselves made up or took from someone else, but most of the time its their own misfortunes or disabilities that they project onto others. The idea is a false concept.

    Stop letting other people into your head and making you feel worse. We want to be around people that uplift us, that bring out the best in us. If thats not happening then your hurting yourself by being around them, as we can see with your current situation.

    If you have no choice than you need to make yourself stronger. You need to realize that you have unlimited potential and what others see is not accurate. You know all of this already because you are a smart, competent person who has made it this far. Your counter also shows that you have immense willpower. Well, the will to accept and love yourself is the same will it took to stay on that streak. Its the same energy. All you have to do is accept that outside opinion about yourself is just that, its outside yourself. Real contentment is inside, everything you know about yourself is in there.

    Changing the way your family sees you means changing your attitude. Don't worry about changing other people, thats just manipulation. Thats what people have been doing to you, so don't try that on other people. Once you have self mastery and self esteem, people will see that without you doing or saying anything, it will be beaming off of your skin.

    Don't give in to these outside influences, don't let someone else hold your own fate. What does someone have to do or say today that will make us happy? Don't get ruffled by people, don't let them mess with your head. Have courage in your convictions and be yourself. Getting upset at someones rudeness or impoliteness means the poison got into your blood. Who let that happen? We choose our own response. We choose how we react. So be calm and react from a still mind. The reaction that comes forth wont be full of emotion. What comes will be wisdom. Let them have their moment, its fine, no one remembers the ill-intentioned, we only look up to and remember the ones that chose to be great in the moments they were challenged the most.
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