Negative Self Talk at Wake Up

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by ProfessorW, May 15, 2017.

  1. ProfessorW

    ProfessorW Fapstronaut

    Silly question, likely with obvious answers, but I want to hear what you have to say.

    Like several of you, I often wake up and immediately start to deal with negative self talk trying to draw me into my addiction.

    I have a play list of "feel good" music and one of motivational speakers. I have a morning devotional. I wake up before my wife though and so I can't get to those until after I'm out of the room.

    The negative self talk hits me while I'm still in bed, as soon as the alarm sounds.

    Ideas for combating this?

  2. tylerdurden321

    tylerdurden321 Fapstronaut

    You seem to be distracted. I think you need to change your focus.
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  3. LivinginRecovery

    LivinginRecovery Fapstronaut

    I have the exact same thing happen and I get straight up and that sorts me out. The longer I spend in bed the longer the negative self-talk continues.
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  4. Irish Explorer

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    Tactics such as getting straight out of bed are great and you do need them to get the momentum rolling, but the real issue here is you have an opportunity to practice radical and unconditional self-love. With enough practice, you'll love yourself so much and those around you that you won't be experiencing the resistance of toxic thoughts in the morning.

    I'm excited that you posted that because this is your chance to totally change how you view yourself.
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  5. ProfessorW

    ProfessorW Fapstronaut

    One thing that worked one day last week was tying getting out if bed to my personal mission statement. That helped. Maybe I'll try more of that! I forgot all about it.
  6. Nymeria

    Nymeria Fapstronaut

    My morning routine = 2 min cold shower as soon as i wake up, this gets me out of the groggy mood. And then listen to music that makes me feel good, and then i finish off with gratitude exercises. This happy feeling carries on through out the day!
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  7. superninjared

    superninjared Fapstronaut

    Here’s my solution. Why don’t you try voice affirmations as soon as you wake up? I’m talking about pre recorded ones with your voice because your mind is more likely to absorb it if its you doing the speaking.

    This is the app I use
  8. kingpietro

    kingpietro Fapstronaut

    In my experience i usally get negative thoughts if i don't get out of bed. When my alarm clocks hits and i keep sleeping on my bed because i am tyred i get negative thoughts.

    its actually the butterfly effect you feel annoyed because you do something you are not doing(getting out of bed ) wich results in you stressing about different situations.
  9. Buddhabro

    Buddhabro Fapstronaut

    I had a very tough time with my negative self-talk a few days ago. Out of extreme frustration and desperation, I started to repeat the phrase "I love myself, and I love my life", as a mantra. I needed to do this for a couple of hours until I finally felt safe to get out of bed.
    I was surprised by how much better I felt. At it's roots, this is a battle we wage with ourselves.
    Good luck
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