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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Carrick Archibald, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Carrick Archibald

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    She's very pretty and really into me. We met three weeks ago at a club. A week later we went on a date and on monday she came over while my parents were gone. She was on her period so sex was out of the question. She tried to suck me off but i couldnt get it up. I said i just didnt like blowjobs.
    On saturday my parents are out of town so she's coming over again. She expects sex. I dunno what to say if my penis wont work. Any advise?!?
    Ps: im doing nofap to cure my ED. Im on day 7.
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  2. vibemaker

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    My Journal
    I would just be honest. I think she will respect it.

    Lying would be needy in opinion and if you stay on NoFap you'll be having great sex pretty soon. Better then trying to find excuses and mabye piss her off?
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  3. Accolade

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    Yeah tell her the truth . How your going to be all better and ask if she could wait . She might be all into that. Women like to help.
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  4. rs25uk

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    Woo hoo! Good going bro. Sorry but I sort of laughed when you wrote 'well I just told her I don't like blowjobs' - quite possibly the biggest lie ever told. Haha I'm messing. Well look now you have the motivation to really do this and your boners will roar back into life. Maybe I can get a new girlfriend one day too, share the love instead of hoarding it why don'y ya?

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    Congrats man. Why don't you practice kareeza with her? explain about the benefits to her.
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  6. So...... how did it go? Did you manage to bang her?
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  7. Carrick Archibald

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    I did not. I told her I have ED and i'm working on it. I didn't tell her about my porn addiction. I did get a boner but it died when i put the freakin condom on. We had a very nice time though and are meeting again soon. I feel a lot better so I think it might go sometime soon
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    That's great, but may be you want to tell her about the reason you have (PI)ED, too, so she knows it will actually get better and that you are actually able to work on it.
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