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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm new here to NoFap. I decided to join all of you here to get ahold of my masturbation problem. I'm 32 and have had many girlfriends throughout my 20's and after becoming a little older and a little wiser, I have realized that many of them ended because my girlfriend at the time decided to leave. I've always had a very active sex drive, as I started fapping when I was probably around 11 or 12. Ever since then it was a downward spiral, sometimes masturbating as much as 4 times a day or more (my record was 7 times in a day!). Anyway, a lot of the reasons the ladies left me was because when it came time to have sex, I couldn't perform because I had already busted a few loads earlier that day. I contributed it to my nervousness and they usually left feeling bad and leaving me feeling less than a man. I never had any trouble getting myself off and finally after a decade of painful dating and breakups, came to the realization that it was my masturbation problem that was the real culprit. Now I'm with a girl that I want to marry and have been very honest with her about my issues. She knows when we have sex and I'm not able to that I have masturbated earlier that day. She's really great and I want to make myself a better person for her and myself. With the new year starting, I decided to get my life in order: saving money, working out, eating healthy and NO FAPPING. Thank you all for reading this about me, and thanks in advance for all your help and support.
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    hello Ashermerkabah,

    Welcome to Nofap..
    it's good to hear that you are going to change every bad habbits before marriage. All the best with that.

    and try to start before new year..

    Happy X-mas and new year..
  3. Thank you Tommy23, I'm definitely trying to start before the new year. I started technically yesterday I suppose, so here I am, Day 1! I created this profile early in the morning, and after sleeping on it I feel very optimistic and ready to tackle this thing. Thank you for your support. Merry Xmas and New Year to you too!

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