New Year's resolutions- post yours here!

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    Here goes mine...
    I, Aaron 92 make the following resolutions for 2014.

    1. Improve my punctuality. By this, I mean be in good time (less than a minute late) for all commitments (both important and unimportant) at least 4/5ths of the time.

    I'm choosing this goal because I've often had a problem with lateness and procrastination, which has frequently left me feeling embarrassed, frustrated and inadequate, and this has contributed to problems with self- esteem and self- confidence

    2. Continue to improve my fitness and physical health. This means firstly improving my diet, by giving myself 1 day a week of no junk food (no cake, chocolate etc) Secondly, working on my personal bests in timed runs and working myself towards a half and eventually a full marathon.
    I'm chosen this resolution because I enjoy running, and it's a reasonably easy goal to achieve.

    3. Develop my social skills and social connections. This is definitely the most difficult, risky and emotionally draining goal for me because I have pretty poor social skills and my friendships come and go quite a lot

    I've chosen this goal because I've had poor connections in the past, and I'm working with a counsellor to improve my social skills

    4. Reduce the frequency of, and begin to quit PMOing permanently. This will be a difficult but rewarding goal, and one which I have been struggling against since September of 2013. Reasons for this goal are here:

    5. Continue to educate myself with self- improvement books and continue learning new skills and gaining new knowledge e.g. begin to learn a foreign language and continue learning to meditate.
  2. THeRagE

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    Ok here it goes....

    1. Stop watching porn.

    2. continue to better my social skills and social anxiety. I also have a counselor ive been working with and it is definantley going to be a long road and im ready for that.

    3. Get back into hiking and lose some weight healthier eating.

    4. Quit smoking and dip.
  3. Ekhangel

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    1. Completing the 90 days challenge just to see if it gives a positive change in my life. My MO addiction is nothing particularly severe, but the motives are mostly of moral nature.

    2. Find some quality friends, or - if a miracle happens - even a girlfriend, so that I'm not that f*****g lonely in my life. This will be particularly hard as I live alone with family living 250 km away, and also work at home. Adding my elevated social taste (I loathe parties, loud environments, pop culture, alcohol, bad music, stupid and immature jokes) and the fact of being only 21 years old makes this one pretty difficult, but I know I can do it and there's no real reason why I wouldn't be able to - except for my laziness, which has always been my worst enemy, and the most difficult to overcome, really.

    3. Educate, educate and educate! Can't stress this enough.
  4. TheCircle

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    1. Not to make a New Years Resolution.


    ...God dammit!

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