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    Hi guys, I've recently noticed I'm spending more and more time looking at increasingly more grotesque internet porn (almost once a day) rather than being with my girlfriend or doing other tasks. I get what I think is called blue balls now and then (which I only recently found out was a thing!) and basically I want to take my life back to feel better both physically and emotionally. I still have a good sexual realtionship with my partner (a few times a week) and I want to keep it that way. I used to be more spiritual because of my parents and I want to get back to that person. So far I've managed up to a week but keep slipping back so now I'm here and eager to hit the 90 day challenge and then hopefully more and more days!!
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    Thanks for being here. Welcome!
    Leaving an addictive habit is not an easy job, but .... it will be fully worth it.
    So... get some knowledge, read stories, let yourself encouraged by others.
    You are not alone in this. So connecting to others is a clue as well!
    And don't forget to create a journal.
    Writing about your daily stuff may really help you to process the issues.

    I hope you will make it a great time here!
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    Welcome, I'm glad you're here.

    I know what you mean about porn becoming more and more gross. I've been there. The good news is that you can pull back and get sober. Keep coming back!
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