Nofap 35 days report - did i gain super powers?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by qwaiz, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. qwaiz

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    I'm in nofap for more than 35 days (No sex, \, no porn)
    more than 35 days and Today I had sex with some hooker in Colombia (I'm a tourist here)

    I don't consider it to relapse because I had a normal sex.
    and cum only after 30 seconds lmao. I could keep fucking her because I'm so horny.
    And these Colombians women are just too much hot with their thin body and big tetas.

    Anyway, the benefits are:

    I didn't gain any superpowers/amazing charisma whatever..


    Confidence - Increased confidence in social settings and in outdoor settings (like sitting on a place and eat without worries)
    I used to have OCD and worry all the time what people think on me. this is almost gone.

    Energy- It comes and goes in some days but some days I have too much energy and even get euphoria a bit. also I become coky.

    OCD - Almost gone. I used to think too much on this and now this gone.
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  2. You are addicted still. Don't fool around.
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  3. BodyBuilder247

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    I'd just be really careful no it's not a relapse I think either
  4. questtocure

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    Hookers do not equal intimacy, steer clear for the sake of recovery and future relationships
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  5. Powerous

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    I agree bro
  6. Ranvanp

    Ranvanp Fapstronaut

    Glad you are getting benefits. I agree with others that you probably shouldn't be seeing hookers but I understand you doing that in Colombia. It was normal healthy sex so I would not consider that a relapse either.
    More power to you.
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