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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Faptomist, Mar 1, 2022.

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    This is the biggest conflict I have with nofap, if I go on a streak of more than about 10 days when I get with a woman, I am done in literally a matter of seconds.

    Guessing this isn't uncommon but it always leads me back to m so I can desensitise and last longer, which then inevitably leads to pmo. What'd your experiences, how do you last longer or do you get to a point where you naturally last longer when abstaining?
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    I’m a woman, so I can only speak to what my experience has been with my husband during his recovery. He’s been no PM for about 7 months now & PE has recently improved, but he’s had to work at it. He researched kegels & reverse kegels & did them regularly. He’s basically had to retrain his brain & body to not get off as quickly as possible. Without the rough handling of himself, he definitely became more sensitive during sex, so he’s had to learn to get used to those new sensations. It requires him taking his time, monitoring his breathing, & a lot more communication. And there’s the old standby guys use in their early days of thinking about sports facts or anything else that slows you down. My guess is that it’s easier to work on in a committed relationship since it requires communication, changing up positions, taking breaks, breathing, etc. But I can only say there is hope because his is getting better. If you haven’t already, do a search on here for posts on PE. There’s a few decent ones written by men about what helped them. Good luck!
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    Could you just have sex more than once?

    Maybe the first round, focus a lot on hand and oral stimulation of your sexual partner, and then a short amount of actual sexual until finished.

    then rest a little bit, and do it again? You would need to set aside more time for sex for this to happen, but I think it could work

    Also, I know they sell some stuff at stores to put on the male sexual organ to make last longer. You could also use a condom for the first round of sex

    These are a few ideas.

    Because if we are not having any ejaculations at all besides with sex, I think you would be safe to have multiple ejaculations during sex

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