NoFap Day 8:

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by VictimOfPorn, May 27, 2019.

  1. VictimOfPorn

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    Hello all !
    First sorry for my broken english.
    I have got the problem, that I every minute think of porn. For example, I had seen one film and I imagine the ass of the girl, who was fucked. I am afraid of getting relapsed. Do you have tricks for me, that help me to think of other things, that are not porn.

    Thank you !
    LG VictimOfPorn
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  2. RamboErecto

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    I dont have any trick, but if you get to day 8, that means you are getting good at this.

    Keep learning, keep strong. The relapse will happen only if you want it to happen.

    Literally you can have your penis HARD ROCK SOLID 24hs, but if you dont touch it and dont look anything, the relapse will not happen.

    So, I dont have any trick, but:

    - Dont watch porn
    - Dont touch your penis

    in that way, relapse will never happen.

    Best of luck
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  3. VictimOfPorn

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    Thank you RamboErectoro.:);)
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  4. RamboErecto

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    Welcome to the neighborhood by the way
  5. BecomeMaster

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    What I like to do is find something that engages your body that relentlessly distracts you from porn. Like, for an example, when I start thinking about porn, and I don't want to relapse, I do 40 pushups, and when I finish I don't seem to care anymore about porn, but rather how tired/good/energetic/spent I feel. If you workout daily, I heard that it improves self-disipline, and in my opinion that is very true. I also might go on a jog or run. And when I've done that, I like to study as hard as I can.
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