NoFap is not a video game; there are no modes

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    NoFap hard mode and so-called "monk mode" is nonsense. Allow me to clarify. Your sex life is no video game! What is with these "modes"? Either you are on NoFap or not. I am on what you might call "normal mode", which is essentially what NoFap is by definition. I abstain from any and all pornography, masturbation, and intentionally trying to reach an orgasm by myself (no PMO).

    I am all for NoFappers abstaining from social media as part of their reboot, I myself do not have one! A lot of triggers, "softcore porn", and downright porn is common on these platforms. At the same time, it is not pure evil and sinister to look at girls and think that they are physically and sexually attractive. This is part of a man's healthy drive for sex.

    There is literally no purpose in abstaining from sex on NoFap. Men have a physiological and emotional need to connect with women. This is NoFap, not "NoSex"! Imagine if your father or mother (nun mode?) was on hard mode or this so-called "monk mode". What would your ancestors or those before you who worked hard to receive the pleasure that is sex think of hard mode and "monk mode"? Sexual frustration is nothing to take lightly! Most NoFappers have blue balls, wet dreams, sexual frustration, and wonder why.

    If sex, for whatever reason, was something we needed to abstain from, we would not be reproducing! What is manly or alpha about fearing the female form? Monks are rooted in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Jainism. What on Earth does that have to do with not touching yourself? Yes, they are usually chaste and celibate, but you do not become a monk because you starve yourself sexually.

    And by definition, there is no such thing as NoFap "easy mode". As I said earlier, either you are on NoFap or not. There already is the r/pornfree subreddit on Reddit, how is that different from so-called "easy mode"? I can actually respect that concept, though. Even if you do rub one out every now and then (moderation), at least you do it without porn. But obsessing over these modes when they do not even exist is rubbish nonsense! NoFap is not a video game, I am so over the "modes" thing! Like, just do not PMO and that is it, there is no need to complicate it to new NoFappers.
  2. I agree! And, furthermore, did you get wind of this "edging" thing going on? . . . Why?! How?
    I arrived at the same conclusion as you - you are either done with it (like done done) or you are inventing excuses or looking for loopholes. No middle ground. And then the thing about the strakes - you'll simply reach 500 days in 500 days, or, alternatively - you'll always run around in circles, thinking you're going somewhere or "doing something about it" or "making progress" or whatever.
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    Different people go about different ways of quitting porn and have different standards and goals for themselves. Modes are ways to quickly refer to certain sets of rules.
    That said, I agree about the fact that new users could be discouraged or overwhelmed from the sheer variety of approaches and mindsets for quitting porn.

    I absolutely agree. As with all addicts, porn addicts lie to themselves to indulge again in their addiction. (sorry about the repetitions)
  4. It's not your place to say what NoFap means to each individual
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