Nofap - Pseudoscience? My personal opinion

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by StonePlacidity, Feb 16, 2020.

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    Hi guys, I just saw a post about nofap being pseudoscience/even a cult, and I would like write out my own opinions on this.

    Question: Nofap is pseudoscience/cult?

    No. What is the definition of pseudoscience? It is "fake science", but our forum is scientifically based and supported by researched data. There are so many research on the internet about how the dopamine system works and relation of porn escalation and porn usage.

    Now let's dive in deeper, and look at the true meaning of pseudoscience/cult. It is a person or organisation spreading their belief for their own benefits, or else why would they do that, just to waste their time and energy? Is Nofap spreading its belief of no "PMO" lifestyle to make profit? No. All the sponsorship are SELF-VOLUNTEERED, unlike pseudoscience or cult, which they either encourage you to buy the product/service by telling you the benefits AND what would happen if you don't change(pseudoscience), or threaten you to contribute (cult - there were so many cases of cult leaders abusing their members physically/mentally/economically/socially).

    Is Nofap and Alex doing such things to the members, to us? I daresay not. Cult and pseudoscience exist because they bring benefits for the "creator" or the "initiator", but I don't think Nofap is bringing itself that. Rather ironic, Nofap is being attacked by porn industries by standing out, saying their belief and gathering people with the same belief on a forum.

    If nofap is not science, then at least it is a way of proving the truth. People are weak and tired after they fap, but why? Science says about the testosterone level lowering, religions say about the effect of ejaculation. They are all a way of proving a truth. Religion exist because people wanted to prove the world, and for Christians, the Earth is created by God. Science is also a way of proving the truth, a more logical approach.

    Here is a question from me -
    There are definitely people who believe in both religion and science, and these two can coexist. Then why can't a person believe in the benefits of nofap?

    Feel free to write your opinions below, I would love to hear them :)
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    I think there are a lot of rather exaggerated claims made about nofap and porn addiction, that might make people assume that it is a pseudo scientific cult or similar.

    The fact is (and I can only talk about this forum as I don't use reddit/etc) there are a wide range of opinions here and people are doing this for lots of different reasons - some are primarily interested in self discipline, whilst some are wanting to deal with sexual issues they have or change their attitude towards women. Some have religious or ethical/moral motivations. Some, like me, are wanting to improve their long term relationships and be more honest with their wife/partner. Some desire the supposed 'superpowers' that come with long-term abstinence.

    There is some research to support all these positions, but it is still relatively new as we (as a society) have only had unrestricted access to this kind of material for a relatively short period of time - especially from a young age, etc. This is primarily not 'dirty old men' but impressionable teenagers and young adults, with limited or no experience of 'real' sexual relationships.
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    Many don't understand about NoFap withdrawal and those claiming NoFap as a cult say that NoFap is destroying you thus the ill effects.

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