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    Hello everyone, this is my first post.

    I stopped masturbating in December 2016 since I read that it is actually forbidden for a male to emit semen in vain.
    Here is the quotation from rabbi Weiner book Divine code (page 531):

    Men are forbidden to spill semen "wastefully". This sin is grave and is punished by God , as we find that this was one of the sins of the Generation of the Flood, and one of the reasons that caused Flood, as it says, "As all flesh has corrupted its way upon the earth (meaning that the men habitually ejaculated their semen upon the ground).

    From page 534:
    The Sages taught that a man's semen is the strength of his body, his body's life-force, and light of his eyes, and if a man habitually ejaculates overly much, his body and his physical power are weakend, and his life span is shortened. This even includes a man who makes it his habit to engage overindulgently in permitted sexual relations, beyond his expected conjugal duties to his wife - his old age advances upon him prematurely, his strength is weakend, his eyesight diminishes, his mouth and his armpits emit foul odors, and his hair falls out, to name a few of resulting physical problems and malfunctions that the Sages warned of. With this loss of strength, various pains and medical susceptibilities will come upon him. The wise doctors of earlier generations said that one man in a thousand dies from unrelated illnesses, and the rest die from physical problems that develop from their excessive sexual relations (and masturbation)
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    Welcome! I'm glad you are here. Congrats on 194 days!
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