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    Here are some TV shows that were actually good:
    1. Prison Break
    2. Lost
    3. Breaking Bad
    4. Better Call Saul
    5. Mr. Robot
    6. Cobra Kai
    What is another actually entertaining TV show to watch? I don’t like the Walking Dead, the Office (dated comedy), GoT (porn), basically anything that is just bland, boring or bad things happening over and over again like the Walking Dead, hopelessness or really negative. I like combat/tactical movies, thrillers, crime thrillers, shows that actually have good writing and dialogue and have some kind of real point to them that makes it feel like it’s really happening. Like the movie Semper Fi you could really feel the tension when that guy was about to pop the tyres of that prison bus. Most shows and movies these days are so repetitive these days. All about leftist topics, sex and feminism. Can’t they make a decent movie/tv show like the ones mentioned above, but those were released in the 2000s, early 2010s so the times were different. Now everything is censored and has an agenda. Ridiculous
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  2. I love ARCHER but its bad for a Fapstronaut
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    I've been recommending the show The Boys on Amazon to everyone lately. Really great premise - if super heroes existed they would live lives akin to celebrities including having talent and brand management - and have all the negatives that come along with that all while having super powers. If you're familiar with old Greek mythology where the gods represented all the best and all of the worst traits in humans - with nobody to answer to if they decided to strike down a person for so much as looking at them wrong - there's a lot of that here too. It's really funny, REALLY gorey (ask yourself what if the Flash accidentally hit somebody while he was moving at hyper speed - what would that do to a normal human?) and always irreverent.
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    The Office was awesome man

    c'mon :(
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  6. I've also been watching boys too. Although I personally think season 2 is not as good as season 1. But the show still kicks ass.
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    What is boring to you could be entertaining to someone else, so I can't be sure to speak for your personal taste here, but if you like sci-fi mystery like Lost, I'd recommend the X-Files, specifically the "monster of the week" epsiodes. If you like crime, I'd recommend True Detective Season 1 or 3, they are miniseries, so filler episodes are minimal.
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    The first 2 seasons of Fargo were terrific (have yet to watch the 3rd and 4th). It is its own show, nothing quite like it out there. Very memorable characters and performances. A lot of crazy things happen in North Dakota. Entertaining seasons all the way through.

    The Wire
    is just amazing and saddening at the same time. Characters and performances are bar-none. Stick it through the first 2-3 episodes.

    Dark is a very clever and ambitious German time-travel show, and thematically deep. I have yet to watch the 3rd season but I hear it's a satisfying conclusion.
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    The Simpson's
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    Justified, Deadwood, Peaky Blinders, Ozark, Fargo, Bloodline

    I've started watching Yellowstone, which is very good also.
  12. My favourite show right now that hasn't been boring for one minute is Ash vs Evil Dead. Its about this fifty-somthing guy who travels America with his two co-workers to slay demons and other unholy apparitions. The concept is unapolagetically goofy, with Ash using an iconic double-barelled shotgun and a chainsaw hand to fight the beasts. It's just raw, unadulterated fun if you love over-the-top action and humour. It definitely doesn't have any deeper meanings or the substance you're looking for, but it's a welcome break from all the politics that's in serial TV these days.
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    Not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed the British version of The Office. It's only 14 episodes long.
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    Vikings. Some episodes might be a skip for a Fapstronaut, but all in all it's a kick-ass tv show.
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    I'd say:
    The wire
    Cowboy Bebop
    Samurai Champloo
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  16. Check out The Magicians. It was Syfy's number 1 rated show until it got too expensive to produce. Has a bittersweet but satisfying ending.
  17. Chevu Chelios

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    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Only for Fools And Horses
    No triggers, great comedy
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    Who is your favorite character

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