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    hi guys I have a question, does starting nofap effects on period? Because I’m on my first days of period and also nofap, and I’m feeling so much more pain in my body in comparison to when I did m or have wet moments due to p.
    Does anybody know how nofap effect this?
  2. Have no experience myself with this due to insufficient equipment. You might get more help in women's forum section. However simply thinking logically, it does make sense that MO would help to prevent cramps. Because O discharges tension, and that's the cause of cramps - tension. The purpose of that tension is to induce cramps in uterus so then those cramps could push the discardable material out. When you O your uterus contracts which does some of the job that cramps are supposed to do, only in pleasant way.

    I've heard raw vegan diet at least a week or so before the time comes helps pain. I do hang around a lot of vegan communities online (which mostly are females lol) and this topic seems to come up a lot there. Most of them I notice report significant improvements. Same goes also for people who fast. So also water fasting for few days before and duing could help even more. You should give it a shot.
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    Thank you it was really helpful for me I’m new so I didn’t know about that women forum you said. Tnx for that too
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    Orgasm is great for getting rid of period cramps and also PMS. I find being abstinent easy at some times of the month and very difficult at others. One option might be to go on the pill, even though you're celibate it can stop the hormonal cycle and pain so quitting orgasm isn't so much of a challenge.

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    Growing up my best friend that I called my sister would get extreamly afoused during her cycle If you ever need the feedback of a guy who understands just reach out

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