ONE WHOLE YEAR IN (24 books read, Got a GF, More lucid than ever)

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  1. TL;DR: Just read Your Brain on Porn, I've failed 15 times before achieving this and I owe most of the success to that book.

    I'll start with the benefits so that everyone can see them first:
    - Overall way more energy
    - Sleep is much more resting (first thing I noticed two weeks in, more vivid dreams too)
    - Greater mental clarity (no more brain fog or exaggerated clumsiness)
    - Healthier erections (whenever they are needed)
    - Better confidence in all circumstances
    - More realistic standards regarding women ( I used to seek only "perfect" body sizes, now I see beauty in almost all ordinary women and have much more confidence talking to them)
    - Slightly deeper, more clear and melodic voice
    - More free time
    - An overall great sense of accomplishment

    That's all folks, no downsides and it all works like a charm now. Urges are small and irrelevant and I see porn as a bad choice every given minute.

    I wish to be thankful to all of you who have helped me over the journey, therefore I'd rather focus on how I did it, hoping to inspire in return and see more and more people free of this terrible addiction.

    2020 started with a boost, the great motivation to make it my first year without porn. Just one month in and I started to get hornier and catch occasional glimpses on porn sites. I learned later that the initial motivation fades off quickly so don't rely on it ( the reason why so many people start going to the gym enthusiastically just to give up after two weeks). Discipline is far more important, yet considering how hard porn hits our basic need for reproduction, it is an extremely difficult fight.

    It was during a messy February that I read the book. Messy as in relapse was right around the corner daily. Your Brain on Porn gathers all the information in one place. You can find it all by surfing on forums, but it is way too far spread over different good posts and, with all due respect, overshadowed by many ill-informed ones. The first pages hit me hard, talking about anxiety and isolation and how today's "experts" don't even consider porn a factor in all of this, finding blame in anything else. After one year I can confirm, and so can the others on the forum who got so far that PORN IS AFFECTING YOUR LIFE. Then it talks about the whole mechanism, how our primary instincts are being played with, why we can't stop doing it, the consequences and how you can stop this (and I shall add some extremely scary statistics about PIED).

    After all this information I felt that I was properly armed to face the issue. Urges continued for a few weeks then decreased severely. I had bad moments, I felt like giving up, yet I always remembered what I read and I said "No way am I going back to that miserable drug". One year later I still say it sometimes when someone mentions porn. 2020 has been a harsh year, but I always felt confident thinking about how long my streak went.

    Besides that I highly recommend some mindfulness practice. Phones and computers constantly dissipated my attention on many irrelevant things and weakened my willpower, I felt the need to balance that. Reading works wonders, since you have to stay constantly focused, meditation is also great and can be turned into routine easily (I did both). Another significant impact was working out frequently to keep my body and mind fresh + eating somewhat more healthy.

    As of December I had evolved more than ever in one year and it felt awesome. I've also got a girlfriend for the first time, read 24 books over 2020 and I feel on the height of my existence and quitting porn had a great role to play in all of this.

    To those of you that read it all the way through I shall thank once again and share with you this very recent anecdote:

    I've been to a New Year's party with some not so well known people. I met a girl who was pretty and friendlier than anyone I've met, yet she complained in front of the whole room that her boyfriend had erectile dysfunction and can't satisfy her. He was in the same room. We all went silent and a guy suggested he stop watching so much porn. The boyfriend refused at all costs and claimed it is ridiculous to blame porn for this, plus it's not that much of an issue. He also said they still had good sex during the last year (and we could all see how uncomfortable that girl felt).

    Do you really wanna be that guy?

    Good luck and carry on brothers, it is worth it.
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    Did you have pied? How old are you?
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    Hi, Im doing a podcast where I interview people who had success with nofap. Can i interview you?
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    Congrats! Beyond your brain on porn, what other books would you recommend?
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    What’s your podcast called?
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  6. Never had PIED, currently 20 and started at 18. Yet I needed stronger and stronger porn to get aroused, casual one was not getting my soldier up.
  7. Philip Zimbardo's "Man Interrupted" is great and follows similar subjects (porn is half of the book). "The Hacking of The American Mind" by Robert Lustig follows closely how we tend to get hooked on way too many things(technology, sugar, porn etc.). Also "Digital Dementia" by Manfred Spitzer follows our exaggerated use of technology, weakening our willpower and making us more susceptible to urges (porn included) - I've found out that using digital devices more moderately helped me greatly in quitting porn.
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  8. I'm 41 and I had PIED. I've been off PMO for over 70 days now and my erections are looking very healthy.
    Hope this helps
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    hey man i would like to listen this podcast what is the name and where can i find it? thanks and all the best with it
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    oh man!!! It is success stories like these, which gives me Hope. Thank you, man! Happy for you. I am inspired by reading it....I just wish I can do 1 year as well and beyond. I have always wanted to read books, i guess its a habit that pays off really well. You triumped over this monster! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

    congrats on your GF! thats very exciting!
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    Great news for you! I have the same book and I’m listening to it on audible on my drive to work. So even if reading isn’t an option, listening to it is. Hoping to have my own success story some day!
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    I’m 49 married and def have pied. Only 4 days since I joined. Hoping to get away from pied ASAP!
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    Check my signature for more if you want. If you find any more like add them to the thread!!
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  14. It took me about a month to start seeing real results, but its worth it. On a side note, check out recovery they have a free recovery program that will help you understand the root of the addiction/compulsion, its important to understand so you can change your lifestyle, not just the habit. Stay strong.

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