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    (I've posted this in the other subject section as it's not specifically about porn)

    Just out of curiosity, do any of you have other addictions aside from porn? I'm interested in whether you get regular dopamine jolts from other sources, since this is my main reason for wanting to quit (I don't get enjoyment from regular life any more since I've broken the pleasure-reward circuitry in my brain and my goal is to repair this)?

    To get the ball rolling, I used to get a high from sugar. Then alcohol. Before that it was smoking. I've stopped all three. I now do extreme sports to get an adrenalin fix whenever I can. Since finding this site I've noticed the glaringly obvious pattern in my behaviour across the board! I'm trying to recognise what activities in my life cause these 'pleasure spikes' so that I can avoid all of them in the short term and allow my brain to return to a normal level of activity. Porn is the most time-consuming, energy-consuming, motivation-consuming addiction in my life and has had a knock on effect in so many other areas (social skills, memory, concentration, etc) so it is definitely my main focus. But I think it's important that I acknowledge any behaviour that has a similar result.

    So... what else turns your brain on?
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    My actual addiction : Sport (musculation & fitness) reading novels (Game of Thrones etc...)
    And that's all ^^... lol

    @ Anon Hymous
    LoooL. I'll buy a cow, one day if you still kind of milk like that !

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