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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Apothecarist, Nov 24, 2016.

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    So , if we know how to stop PMO and we know who’s our enemy (Brain) why we dont stop ? what’s the problem.
    Unfortunately after we put our plans and prepare ourselves to destroy our addiction and motivate ourselves ,, we keep on track for sometime then we relapse ,, and the problem here is not in relapsing , but , the problem is we lose our motivation and we begin to think that we wouldn’t do it , which make this type of addiction one of the hardest addictions ever to face .
    So , what we should do then ? i’ll tell you .. you must to begin from the roots of the problem , after long strike you dont go masturbating directly , no , you just give a little crack , and this addiction only wants this small crack ,, you should prevent the idea from the very beginning ,, remove the thoughts from your brain go out of the room ,, chill out ,, close your eyes for some time and breath deeply ,, sing ,, take cold showers ,, beat yourself ! , draw , but dont ever give up ,, and you will find out after only 10 minutes that it really worth it ,, you will find that this addiction is very weak ,, your thoughts make it strong ,, you have to understand the concept ” as nothing in the world prevent me from PMO , nothing will prevent me from getting over me addiction “

    Stay firm !

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    Someone tell me how this is a success story?
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    Haha!:) It may not be a success story per se, but may be he wants to convey the idea that if somebody wants to write a success story on this thread, he/she needs to do this.:D
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    It seems more like a blog plug.

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