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Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by Gyorgy_Schwartz, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Gyorgy_Schwartz

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    So, I've been flirting back and forth with a gorgeous girl lately. It's been exciting and you know, fun. I think there's a good chance we'll go out soon.
    (I'm on day 3 btw of no pmo)
    All of a sudden my brain kicked in an a surge of anxiety went through my chest like a poison fog choking me.
    What if I don't perform? What if I come fast? what if I can't get it up? Terrible feeling when anxiety takes control of you for no reason.
    I'm hoping you all have some wonderful tips - you guys are the real MVPs btw.
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  2. EyesWideOpen

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    Why do you need to have sex on the first date? I would think you would want to build some sort of a relationship first. Aside from that, an O without a relationship while you are trying to cut out PM will likely set you back rather than help you. I suggest perhaps rethinking this plan.
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  3. Gyorgy_Schwartz

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    I didn't necessarily mean we would have sex on the first date. Just that when we do, these are the thoughts that come up in my head.
  4. Well like eyeswideopen said you don't need to have sex on the first date. Try to hold back until your comfortable and confident. If it does get hot and heavy and it ain't popping you can pull out the "we should wait" card or another excuse to delay. If you cant perform well, hey first time with a new partner can be akward shake it off, if you come too soon...laugh it off make a dumb joke at your expense.
    Ramp up the foreplay, be generous, focus on her, have fun. Everyone has an off day, or maybe I'm terrible at sex and girls just take pity on me...w/e.
    I do have an idea where your coming from all those thoughts have been through my mind in the past. It happens, it's much less of a big deal than in your head...if the girl had a fun night up to then, you'll be fine
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  5. PaleAle76

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    I wouldn’t even be thinking about sex with her at this point... easier said than done, I know. Go out a few times and see if you guys are even compatible before you start worrying about those things.
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  6. Gyorgy_Schwartz

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    It's funny - I legit never even thought of that lolol
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