PIED- is there even anything there??

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by takezawa2, Jun 20, 2020.

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    I have PIED, but sometimes i want to check to see it my d**k works. And i find myself wanting to grab at it, not to M, or O but just check to see if it even still remotely works because its just numb down there. I'm waiting for the day that i wake up we standing straight up morning wood.
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  2. I'll tell you now man, that day won't exactly just turn up, it's a long slow process. I have had boners and had sex with my girlfriend perfectly fine without a hitch, but then days come and times like I'm currently going through when I start flatlining again. It's a horrible thing, I hate the fact that me and my girlfriend can't have sex itself, but it's the consequences of my actions whether I knew it would happen or not. All I say is when those thoughts of wanting to try it pop up, just get the hell away from any pc, smart phone or DVD player if that's your preference, just take a long sharp breath and clear that mind of yours, because those negative thoughts aren't going to help in the long run.
    Good luck and keep at it!
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    @Weetabix said it all. You have to understand that this is a really slow process depended on many factors. I fixed pied and still getting flatlines from time to time when having sex many times in a short period. Flatline is the key to fix it believe it or not. Don't test it in any manner just put some faith in the process. Me , i got my pied fixed and i can surely tell you that nofap works 100% unless you have medical problems. Never stop trying to make longer streaks than the previous ones. Never binge after relapse. After relapse aim to make your streak longer than the previous one, forgive yourself as relapse it temporary, sadness is a loss, exercise, take a cold shower, eat a good meal and plan your life better!
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    wonderfully put brother :)
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