PIED pretty much cured after 52 days

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    So I went out tonight and hung out with this girl I know who is also a yogi. We caught up and was also quite touchy with me as yogis tend to be open with their bodies in a physical way. So we had a dance to the music together and got close to each other to the point where I was getting a semi-erection on. It got to the point where it was growing so big that I had to button up my jacket as there were people around us.

    I told her after that I could tell she liked me as her body language was open, her feet were pointed towards me, she was laughing at all my jokes, being flirty generally. I asked her out just me and her but my life right at this minute I don’t think would make time as I’m constantly travelling for work.

    Anyway, the hard work here is paying off. There are good and bad days but in a way, it’s what you do in the bad days that builds your character and makes all the different. It is only then that that determines how bad you want to complete 90 days.

    Keep going.
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