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    Hi guys,
    So I am on a 17 day hard mode streak. I get morning wood once in a while, but that does not stay when I stand up. Also, today morning, like an idiot, I just decided to "check" my standing erections (Quora images, for a couple of minutes) but there was no success :/. I did not edge or touch myself and shut it down quickly. Is this PIED? I can get mild erections while fantasizing about real people, mostly by lying down. Please help.
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    Stop, take a step back and understand that you're worrying about it, you're stressing. Your brain is overworking worrying so all that worry is causing distraction. You probably are suffering with PIED or Anxiety Induced ED, just try not to worry, look at it as healing and that what you're doing is for the best. The more you worry the more you'll frustrate yourself, the more you'll go and look for sexual images, whether they're on quora and are mild matters not, you're still activating that part of your brain that awaits the porn, so you're doing more harm than good.

    I know it sucks to have ED, it's bad enough at 26 so I can't imagine what you're feeling at 17, but you've understood earlier than most, you've got a chance to get away and recover before you enter into a relationship and put strain on it with your addiction. Just don't give in to temptation, get rid of your smartphone, doesn't have to be forever and move any devices you have into a part of your house with others around to deter yourself. Take action properly early, gowhole hog on this shit because if you half ass it you'll only keep on slipping. To get over any addiction you need to go all out, half measures never work.

    Good luck friend, I hope this helps!
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  3. UnitedWeStand

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    You dont have pied unless you test it with real people..
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    This helps. Just to clarify I am 28. On a 17 day streak :p
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    To me, PIED is the inability to get an erection with a partner. Best thing you can do is to quit porn and let your brain heal from the false expectations of sexual activity.
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    and I also experienced it, I get erections quite often in the morning but I still succeeded if my erections were not too optimal and my compilation stood erect spontaneously limp, and sometimes I see photos of women and enough to make me erect but not for long .. .

    how are you now?

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