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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by tylerjohnson2592, May 21, 2019.

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    Hi I am new to nofap and would appreciate any suggestions to go about using this tool or website to further a nofap journey if one is even in the works for me. I have been addicted to porn for over a decdad now and that really sucks to admit but it's true! Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, welcome to the forum :)
    Just in case you haven't already read this thread, this is where you can get started:
    Then I suggest to just browse through the forum and read as much as you can. Try to learn from others and then start your own journal where you can track your progress.
    It might be overwhelming at first, but you'll get used to it quickly.
    You joined a fight that is worth the struggle :)
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  3. Hey & Welcome to NoFap Community! :)

    You are in the right place for recovery here. We are so glad to have you with us to beat this addiction together.

    You can go read some Success Stories in the "Success Stories" section to learn more about the benefits of NoFap , get useful tips and ideas to help you in the reboot.

    If you have any question about rebooting, you can ask it in the "Rebooting" section.

    And I would recommend you to make your own journal in the "Reboot logs" corresponding to your gender & age to track your everyday progress.
    You can also join challenges in the "Events & Challenges" section, to keep yourself motivated and focused.

    You may start by checking the links below:
    Learn more about Rebooting.
    Forum Usage Guide.

    List of Rebooting Resources.

    Best of luck to you in your journey!

    -The Winner
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    Welcome, glad you are here. I have been in this fight close to 40 years.
    If I had any advice for me when I had been using PMO around ten years, would be stop now,
    take it dead serious like you would drugs or anything else. I thought I knew more then everyone
    else that I could control it. I could stop when I wanted. I am now 57 still trying to stop when I wanted.
    Stay here stay often, like minded people will give you hope and strength.
    Last advice, where ever you are now in your PMO.? It will and can get way worse, and can cost you everything. This is not the end if you keep doing this in your life. That rabbit hole is large and deep,
    and nothing but pain inside it.
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  6. Souvent08

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    Welcome! You are starting a journey that’s not easy as you’ll see. Hang in there! It’s for your own well being. Stay strong and be good to yourself.

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