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  1. Hey guys. I need a bit of help. Pmoing since 14. Now 26. Discovered i had PIED a few weeks back. Theee are just many cobwebs in my mind. I wanna go through them with you:

    1) Can someone help me understand how severe my symptoms are. I find it very difficult to get hard with a girl. Had my first sexual encounter 3 weeks back and it couldnt stay hard. However, in the morning Im like 80% erect.
    2) Based on this, is it better to completely avoid women from a dating point of view? I am more confident around women now butI dont know if I need to be on hard mode
    3) Also the anxiety is killing me. How long do I have to go without any sexual encounters? I dont know if I have the ability yo actually be a Fapstronaut and go on a long streak. I become very cynical ans think - what if this pied never goes away? What if i cant date anyone ever? It is very scary and i feel like getting back to pmoing.

    Plz help.
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    Getting back to PMO is not a good option.. you can be on no PM mode.. not to avoid encounter with women.. that is not target.. but to be in healthy relationship.. best luck..
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    I've read several times of men that start getting cured of PIED, some time after abstaining of PM.
    But almost everything is in the mind.
    I am 22 and i haven't had any sexual encounter, I think you can have a life without sexual activity and that won't kill you, however is a nice part of human life, if it is used the way it was designed.
  4. Abstain from PMO more than one week at least so your testosterone levels reset back to normal, from that you'll start to feel a lot hornier but if you want to to get it better do it at least for three weeks.

    Excessive PMO is the cause of PIED most of the time; if after abstaining for more than 50 days you still have it go to a doctor.
  5. Thankyou for your reply. But doesnt it sometimes take 3 to 6 months or longer?
  6. If you have your system way too damaged it will take that, but that's just extreme cases. There are stories of men here that after two weeks of abstainance were horny as heck and enjoyed a lot more sexual intercourse with their wives compared to before with the ED they had. The point of abstainance here is to reset your testosterone levels to normal, so two weeks may be enough; besides abstaining do a lot of exercise (high resistance), eat well and sleep enough to speed up the process.

    To fix your brain of PMO wiring is what takes 3 or 6 months, what is a different thing.
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    Porn is your problem. It might very well take a long time to cure yourself. Several months, and even years to reach full recovery. Hard mode is your best option and since you have little real sexual experience, doing some minor sexual things with girls can help with your recovery. Things like kissing. It trains you to get used to being aroused by a real life human instead of artificial stimuli. Overtime your erections should get better and you could try to have sex. Of course you can try to have sex anytime you want to, but if you can't keep erections, that might not be fun for you nor for your partner.

    The important thing to realize here is that recovering from this habit you've had for over a decade will take time and effort. But what you have to do is very simple: stay away from porn and anything that arouses you artificially. Don't look at or search for anything that arouses you. And masturbation is off the limits too, since it is basically impossible to masturbate without fantasizing. Fantasizing is a problem, especially if it involves memories of porn. Doing sexual things with real human you have a connection to is natural and encouraged.

    You do this seriously, and you'll make a recovery. It will take some time, but you will get there. Just believe that you will be alright eventually.
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