Plus 30 and getting better already!

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    Hi everyone! I learned a lot over my first ever 90 days earlier this year, but healing takes time and work.
    Over these thirty-some days, a lot has changed. September 30th, I hit rock bottom, seeing I had been unemployed for 300 days, and still had never had a girlfriend. I felt completely hopeless and helpless and with no motivation left to ever do anything, or even apply for a job. This hurt bad enough that, even though I didn't believe, I asked for help from a higher power.
    The very next day, an old friend contacted me asking for some consulting work with his company. After I finished that, I got called for some great contracting work for October and some of November. And I gradually gained the motivation to start completing multiple projects I'd been psychologically unable to do.

    Midway through October, I absent mindedly started no PMO again. Two days later, I met a girl who took an instant liking to me, and wanted to also volunteer at an upcoming event together. Over the next two times I saw her, I realized she was not my type, and summoned the courage to call off whatever was going on between us out of respect. She pretty upset but doing that took a lot of courage.
    The very next day (one week ago), the contract work now mostly over, I got a great lead and recommendation on a quality paying job that can almost always use new people which I've got in the process.
    And, I met a second girl who seems to be just my type.
    I'm at plus 30 days and still haven't had a wet dream or any serious urges or depression! Then last Friday night, lead I felt by the Holy Spirit, I had a 100% authentic renewal of the faith I had rejected, and had what I'd call the most real religious experience of my life. And droves of old and new friends on social media are really happy for me!
    The next day two different people asked me about my faith out of almost nowhere, and all I had to do was share what I knew.
    The next day, yesterday, the second girl pretty much just said 'please ask me out', and now we're set for Thursday!

    A month ago I was a depressed, PMOing single, non-theist. Now, all of that's either changed or is about to. So, as always, stay strong my brothers!
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    Awesome man, I was an atheist too, and I hit rock bottom and I had a crazy conversion too. I literally felt like my entire body was on fire. And I was weeping. Straight up book of acts experience. Seriously congrats on the changed life. You have a bright future ahead of you
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