Pornography is the problem of the centurie

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by ledener, May 22, 2019.

  1. ledener

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    The title name was said by a girl... She is my friend and we were talking earlier about women objetification and she said that men probably do it because of pornography...

    I'M REALLY SURE of it!

    I came to the knowkledge of NoFap when I suddently watched the last interview of the serial killer Teddy Bundy, where he answered the question of the reporter wich asked something like "what's probably the reason of the borning the serial killer Teddy, why did he killed so many girls?"

    He said that was his progressive contact to the violent pornography... He answered that in the late 80's and what we would understand now is that he "escalated" to the worst porn types possible. So I think that he had his brain changed by the dopamine kicks wich led him to kidnapp girls and brutalize with them...

    So, after watching that... I came to realize that if I didn't stop I would run the risk to be like him in few years...
    Then, I Stopped now and there's a fortress in my mind wich I can certain affirm that I will never PMO again!!!

    I'm in the 22 day streak and maybe I will use here as a journal.
    I hope people here find their own particular reasons (Yes, I do have others, like "rescue my will power", or "healing sexual disfunctions").

    I'm Brazillian and congrat all of my country wich may be reading this!!! Thanks!
  2. Infrasapiens

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    Well, if you think you could become like him in a few years of watching pornography, maybe you should turn yourself to the police right now. Ted Bundy did not became like that from watching pornography, he already had mental issues. Also he commited the murders between 1974 and 1978.

    And to be honest, there are worst problems than pornography right now.
  3. InnerFaith

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    The ted bundy interview was his last atempt to blame his murders on others ("the porn made me do it") and to try to manipulate and pander to the interviewer who was strong advocate against pornography..

    History is filled with ted bundys way back before porn..

    Real issues in my opinion are enviormental issues wildlife extinction and animal abuse..
  4. GaryMayor

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    I think the biggest danger of pornography is not that people will be like Ted, but rather that they will be awful fathers, husbands and just bad mans, obsessed with their needs and not able to control urges. This change is not so spectacular, but I believe it have devastating influence on society and people's life.

    I'm also understand your fear ledener, a lot of hard porn users were shocked by how weird stuff they watched with pleasure. You are on the right path though.
  5. Ra1

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    Yes obsession is the biggest reason of objectification

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